Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops

Immerse yourself in a weekend of yoga-centered inquiry – for personal enrichment, continuing inquiry or for use toward our 300 hour Advanced Yoga School.

“Your instructors are knowledgable,  caring and available. I’ve now taken two weekend trainings at Twist, and I feel that both classes carried the same thread of holistic wellness throughout. This seems to be your trademark, and it gives me so many tools to share as an instructor as well as a way to integrate all that I learn. I love your hours for training; the days are just long enough.” – Sarah L.

Ayurveda for Whole Health (12 Hours)

with Melissa
September 28 & 29

Yin Yoga Training (18 hrs)

with Janell
October 18-20

Yoga for Athletes (12 Hours)

with Elena
November 9-10

Sound School (12 hours)

with April
December 7-8

Dharma School (12 hrs)

with Jen
Begins January 12 | Saturdays, 8-Noon

Restorative Yoga Training (18 Hrs)

with Janell
March 14-16

Turn up the Heat (12 CEU)

with Carmen
September 27-28, 2025

Bhakti School (12 hrs)

with Meg
November 14-16, 2025