Water Fast Post #4: A Clue, a Hunch and Tons of Denial.

Depsite the fact that time and time again my doctors declared me normal, I finally found one who gave me some answers: Fear not, for I had Dr. Google at my disposal!

While researching each one of my health symptoms separately, the same two words continually popped up in many sources – from a multitude of personal opinion blogs to WebMD to various articles on health.

Two words: Chronic Inflammation.

Which, when present in the body, totally has a domino effect that can seriously undermine your health and arises from an immune system response that’s out of control.

And guess what?? Inflammation has its roots in the digestive system. (You’ve been telling us all along, Janell Hartman!)

Even before seeing those two words over and over again, I’d long since had a hunch that my health woes were exasperated, if not directly related to, what I was eating and drinking.

And by “hunch”, is I pretty much knew it to be true, but I really, really didn’t want it to be.

Isn’t that a lesson yoga tells us all of the time: “Suffering is wishing things were different”?

At any rate, for a long time –like 5 years– I was thinking how I should clean up my diet. I had already given up wheat, as a result of a couple of scary anaphylaxis reactions, but I knew I had to do much more if I wanted to feel better.

But again, I really, really didn’t want to.

So as a consolation, I vowed only to shop at PCC. While I refused to give up dairy, sugar, caffeine and wine, I told myself if I eat only organic, that’s healthy enough.

Because I love food. I love meeting my friends and family and swanky restaurants. I love wine. Cheese.

And caffeine. From 8am until at least 1pm, most days my hand is was attached to a 16 oz black tea with honey and cream from Walnut Street or Red Twig. Since I go back for seconds and thirds every day, I might as well be dragging one of those caffeine-filled mobile IV hospital stands around with me.

What would happen if I had to give all of that up? How could life possibly be fun?

Here we stop for a pop quiz: Which Yoga Sutra speaks exactly to this? (Answer below).

Intellectually, I absolutely knew I was living the life of an addict – not a full on raging one in need of treatment, but like many people, my behavior was for sure addictive: I was constantly looking outside of myself for pleasure – whether it be food, drink, business success, relationships, acquisition of things….

I knew I was doing it, but stopping seemed too overwhelming… two difficult.

But I got to the point where the negatives of my behavior –specifically feeling so shitty — were outweighing the positives.

Enter True North Health Center, 10 days of eating nothing, followed by the rest of my life eating not only vegan, but vegan with no salt, oil or sugar.

What an absurd, soulless and pleasure-less nutritional plan.

I couldn’t believe I was actually considering it; but when you’ve spent so many years so shitty, you’ll consider anything as the better option.


Pop Quiz answer: The kleshas are outlined in the Yoga Sutras (II.3), where they are described as that which keep us suffering. They are five tendencies that many of us find so ingrained that we aren’t even aware of them: Ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and clinging to bodily life.


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