Twist Yoga School – Need-Based Scholarship


We get it…  Although we believe yoga school to be a valuable investment, sometimes we could use a little support in following our path. We at Twist Yoga are committed to your success, each year awarding need-based scholarship dollars.

Persons eligible to receive a portion of our scholarship dollars shall meet the following criteria:

  • Scholarship applications will be considered for individuals earning less than $25,000 per year.  Households of 2 or more earning less $30,000.  Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • We do not offer full-tuition scholarships.  All scholarships offered are partial.
  • Students must submit a 200 hour yoga school application at the same time/before as financial aid documents (including $250 deposit).  Upon your financial aid decision, students must confirm their participation in the program within one week.  If students decline joining the training during that week, their deposit will be refunded, less a $100 application fee.  Confirmation after the one week deadline makes entire $250 application fee non-refundable.  Students confirming participation will have their $250 deposit  applied to their adjusted tuition.
To apply for scholarship, applicants shall provide the following supporting materials to lead trainer by agreed upon date.
  1. A 2016 tax return
  2. Two letters of recommendations from a teacher or supervisor at a job or volunteer position
  3. A cover letter, which should include applicants reasons for requesting need-based financial aid, why they feel they should be awarded it, and what positive attributes they feel they will bring to the program.
Applicants will be informed via email of our scholarship decision within 10 business days of receiving all materials.