Thoughts from a Monkey Mind

Things have been a bit hectic this summer, so I’ll leave you with these thoughts:

– No one rocks Pinterest like Flying Yogini! Her images and inspiration are completely knocking my socks off. Warning: You’ll waste a lot of time looking at what she has put together.

–  Caucasian rappers crack me up, Yo!  Especially ones that rap about yoga. 

– FYI: A real yogi, will, at some point, wear mala beads. They’re very hippie chic. We have them for sale at the studio, just so you know. I’m kidding about the real yogi thing…. (Kind of.)

– Yoga teacher confession 8/4/12: Even though us yoga teachers proclaim to read the sutras and meditate and live our yoga, most of the time, we’re struggling just to get through the day. I recently decimated one of the yamas, Satya (truth), when I came around the corner and caught my 6 year old totally up to something. She could have coughed out yellow Tweety Bird feathers, the way she smiled at me. I never found out what she was doing (yet), but I did warn her: “Santa sees everything.” (August isn’t too early to start with that, is it??)  My favorite new mantra: “It’s not lying, it’s parenting.”

–  Jen’s summer reading recommendations:

  • Wild, especially relatable if you’ve ever: been divorced (check!), lost a parent (check!), considered your 20s the worst decade ever (check!), even had an inlking that hiking the PCT sounds like a good idea (check!), or had a mild addiction to heroin (tricked you!).
  • Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is HIGHlarious! Seriously, pee my pants funny.

– I love This American Life on long car rides.  And this one in particular.   In “Act 11” (minute 28:00) comic genius David Sedaris discusses the etiquette of cell phone usage in a public restroom.  Ha!