Third Thursdays are Complimentary: Do Yoga. Do good.

Last month, a post went viral criticizing $11 billion Amazon for the absurd practice of asking customers to purchase product and then donate it to the Whole Foods charity drive. If it weren’t so maddening, it would’ve been hilarious.

Twist Yoga is no Amazon (lol – we neither are disgustingly profitable nor do we benefit from the 2017 Republican tax plan), but the post got us thinking: we may be tiny and insignificant compared to behemoth corporations, but we *can* help support the narrative that companies doing good things can be generous and sustainable at the same time.

Here’s where you come in: Would you be willing to help us decide how to give away some money?

Because *you* are our Big Why.

To practice at Twist Yoga is to be part of something pretty special: Our yoga community is home to artists, entrepreneurs, students, parents and everyone in between….. all practicing to live healthier, purpose driven lives.   

You are our heroes.  On a daily basis, the Twist Yoga team is brought to our knees witnessing our clients’ vulnerability, resiliency and wisdom. 

But we can’t look away from the glaring stumbling block that many face: financial insecurity. We know there are folks who could benefit from yoga and being part of our community, but simply can’t afford it.  

Beginning January 16, we are offering complimentary yoga at all of our locations the Third Thursday of every month. 

ALL classes, ALL day.   Not JUST a “community class” taught by recent teacher training graduates.

All of our classes – taught by seasoned, veteran teachers – are complimentary on Third Thursdays. This includes all of the 12 class offerings from 6 am to 9 pm across all locations.

A person need only show up at the studio to join a class. Members can, of course, use their unlimited or class passes. Please remember that our classrooms do fill up, and a first-come-first-serve policy will be in place. You’ll want to download our app to secure your spot. 

Already a member? Bring a friend or family member for free. Or encourage your neighbor or colleague or kiddo’s friend’s mom you’ve been wanting to connect with to join you …. maybe join them for tea after!

Donations are accepted (but not required) for these classes, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the local charity we settle on.wist Yoga is also committing our cash to this campaign:

We’ll need our community’s help; you’ll be integral in choosing where our donations will make the biggest impact.

Would you be willing to email our studio director Jen by this Friday, 1/10 ( with suggestions for charities?

We prefer local organizations so we can give back to the community that supports us. Beyond that, we’ll priorize impact on women, minorities, inclusion, education, poverty and/or diversity.

Twist Yoga is not only committing our space and support to Third Thursday campaign of service, we’re also committing our cash:

  • In addition to donations collected, Twist Yoga will donate an additional dollar for every member or pass holder attending class on Third Thursdays.  
  • We are going against the grain of standard studio practices and are paying our teachers for all customers who join us for class on Third Thursdays – no matter if they attend for free or on a membership.

We invite you to come practice with us for free on Third Thursdays!  Yoga, at its essence, means “union,” and we are committed to deepen our service to the community that has been our home since day one.  

You’ll do yoga. Your presence will do good…. Just for showing up on your mat.  

We love you.