There’s something I’m on fire about

I *cannot* with these curated, full hair-and-makeup yoga professional photo shots captioned with yet another inspirational quote.   

It’s a promotional photo, Karyn.  Why drag Rumi into it?  

Also, you don’t look like that on the yoga mat.  Nobody looks like that on the yoga mat. 

How’s this: Post a Saturday night braless facemask selfie in a badly-lit bathroom wearing your 22-year-old threadbare sweatshirt with the coffee stain from last Tuesday. 

Yes. That.  

If you’re really feeling yourself, put Lizzo on blast and pound out a caption that tells us what a bad-ass you are, without dumbing it down to appear less threatening or unlikable. And FFS, stop qualifying yourself with [HUMBLE BRAG!].  You earned it: Own it.

If you’re feeling like shit, caption it with how you really feel… not some thinly veiled vulnerabullshit* or what you “used” to feel, but 100% no-way-don’t-any-longer, you know, bc the yoga (that you just happen to be selling).

How bout something like this: Today you prioritized your partner’s needs over your own for the 37thtime this week rather than ask for what you want because you’re afraid they’ll find you high maintenance and unlikeable. Even though you promised your therapist you’d stop that shit last week.  And instead of being all yoga-brave and cool with discomfort, you numb out with the only coping mechanism you have the energy for tonight: An epic Real Housewives binge. Because also your teenager yelled at you and the dog barfed something unidentifiable and gross on your new sofa.  Some days are for wins. Today is not. 

THAT. Yes.  

Because, even though you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, some days you crush it with equanimity and some days you’ll find it more attractive and familiar (and safe) to slip into well-worn patterns of codependency and neurosis.  

JFC, you’re human, not a fictional branded Instagram hashtag. 

This wellness business. Why this fear of admitting to having scars or marks?  Especially fresh or unhealed ones?  

Why the pasted-on smile (*shivers* runs the other way in a dark alley)? 

What feels revolutionary in yoga imagery? Brave honesty about messes and struggles and doing hard things like feeling uncomfortable and trying desperately not to manipulate or avoid-with-pasta or a run to Frankie & Jo’s.

People who land in my classes & trainings are brave and honest people who want to dive into the fire of their life;  they’re attracted to my offerings because you won’t find me posturing as an unattainable image of faux shiny happy. 

And this life we see online? The one that looks shiny on the outside, yet is masking a deep fear of vulnerability and appearing unattractive?  

I would never want that for you.  You deserve better.

It’s your job on this planet to live as a model for other humans – be it your children or media followers or people who land in yoga spaces. If you can’t speak about your wins and messes openly, that inherently means you feel shame about your life. 

I’m a yoga teacher and leader in the wellness space. Also,

  • I listen to mindfulness and meditation self help podcasts every day. I also watch a lot of Real Housewives (aka whenever I can). 
  • I do not roll out of bed and land on the meditation cushion. I check instagram first…. *if* I even meditate that day.  Duh.
  • I can be the most generous person on the planet.  I can also be a mean jerk.   

Don’t be fooled by your IG woman-crush whose brand positioning claims life is just *one* hell-and-back story that is sits securely in the rear view mirror.  (Check. Fixed now.)  

To live a soul-on-fire life of purpose, you’ll have a series of successes and failures and starts and stops over and over again:  Past, present + future.  

Also: the Rumi (or Yogi Bhajan or Gandhi) quote might just be because she doesn’t feel confident in the value of her own original words.** 

You can feel shame or you can be proud of yourself and learn forgive yourself:  Your call.   

It’s not going to be easy, but you can do hard things.  I’ll be fighting for you. 

* Oh.  The vulnerabrag?  (Syn. fauxnerable):  When you confess that you’ve been feeing deep shame about your expensive mink eyelash extensions. Or your #internationallifestyle.  It’s like the humblebrag, but starts with something like “Hey friends, this is my most vulnerable post yet!” Or, more ick:  [VULNERABILTY ALERT!]

** Gah. Seriously, folks: Enough with the inspirational quotes. Enough with the inspirational quotes. Enough with the inspirational quotes.