Hello? The ’90s are calling and your flip phone is ready.

A week and a half ago, my dad – he’s 72 – upgraded his circa 2002 Motorola Razor flip phone to an iPhone 6S. Many of you are too young to remember flip phones, but those of us who do recall the maddening process of keying in full words. Those of you born after 1992: … Read More »

Water Fast Post #9: An Antidepressant Story

I’m told by my suitemate, the male half of the New Jersey couple that knows a little about everything, that one of the side effects of fasting is increased energy and the need for less sleep. The idea, I guess, is that once you take digestion out of the equation, you save tremendous energy. I … Read More »

Water Fast Post #3: Lemme Tell You a Little About Myself. Again.

Since 2005, during what even my ob/gyn aptly declared a pregnancy from hell, I’ve spent the last 8 ½ years slowly accruing a slew of annoying health symptoms: Anemia Severe adult-onset seasonal allergies Adult onset anaphylaxis allergy to wheat Mild to moderate depression Low thyroid function Low energy & fatigue Unexplained weight gain Irregular periods … Read More »

Water Fast Post #1: Nothing but Water for 10 Days. On purpose.

Greetings from Santa Rosa, California, where I am currently on Day 8 of a 10 day medically-supervised water fast. Yes, that’s right:  Water.  Just water. For 10 days. Many would think that only a masochist or lunatic would embark on such a thing. I suspect that there are people who might say I easily fall into … Read More »

Just Say No. Go to Yoga Instead.

Last Friday evening I was talking over the fence to my neighbor.  We’re both high school teachers and were collectively bemoaning our stressful weeks at school. My neighbor, let’s call her “Mari” (pronounced Mary), said to me, “Hey, we both need to relax and decompress:  how bout my husband and I come by tonight; we’ll … Read More »