Water Fast Post #5: Vegans, Looneys and Swingers.

True North is a 100% vegan, mostly residential, facility that offers health programs of all kinds, including both juice and water fasting. The facility itself occupies a 1980s era apartment complex about a mile and a half from Downtown Santa Rosa. Each of the apartments surrounds a courtyard, which immediately reminds me of Amanda, Sydney’s, … Read More »

Water Fast Post #4: A Clue, a Hunch and Tons of Denial.

Depsite the fact that time and time again my doctors declared me normal, I finally found one who gave me some answers: Fear not, for I had Dr. Google at my disposal! While researching each one of my health symptoms separately, the same two words continually popped up in many sources – from a multitude … Read More »

Water Fast Post #3: Lemme Tell You a Little About Myself. Again.

Since 2005, during what even my ob/gyn aptly declared a pregnancy from hell, I’ve spent the last 8 ½ years slowly accruing a slew of annoying health symptoms: Anemia Severe adult-onset seasonal allergies Adult onset anaphylaxis allergy to wheat Mild to moderate depression Low thyroid function Low energy & fatigue Unexplained weight gain Irregular periods … Read More »

Water Fast Post #2: Dinner!

You know how the hipster kids these days are always taking pictures of their food and posting them on Instagram or Twitter (or Facebook; for those seriously behind the times)? Well, here you go:  Dinner. #instagood #Ineedadrink #water #yumm #yummo #delish #watery #youknowyouwantsome #mylife #nofilter #justsayin’ #blessed #winning #fail #iloveit #glasshalffull #FML #OMG #FUBAR #YOLO … Read More »

Water Fast Post #1: Nothing but Water for 10 Days. On purpose.

Greetings from Santa Rosa, California, where I am currently on Day 8 of a 10 day medically-supervised water fast. Yes, that’s right:  Water.  Just water. For 10 days. Many would think that only a masochist or lunatic would embark on such a thing. I suspect that there are people who might say I easily fall into … Read More »

Twist Yoga is holding an Instagram Contest!

Win a $20 Twist Yoga gift card!  We’re holding an Instagram photo contest during the months of May and June. Simply follow us on Instagram, and post pics of you/your friends/your family doing anything that says “yoga” (yoga postures, yoga mudras, yoga tshirts… the sky’s the limit) @twistyoga, with #twistyogaedmonds.  Bonus points for Edmonds’ scenery! … Read More »

This one’s all over the place.

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table the eve before May, the month of Mother’s Day, officially begins. Regardless of whether or not either party is currently present, is there any more complex relationship than that of mother and child? It can be loving and supportive, or swing the other way into anxiety and sadness.  … Read More »

Welcome Spring!

Welcome, spring!  From an Ayurvedic perspective, late winter and early spring – or into June in the Pacific Northwest – are ruled by Kapha.  This time of year is damp, earthy, and is when new life begins to grow. The dampness can overwhelm one’s own tendency toward kapha.  It’s a common time of year to … Read More »

Finding Santosha in the Mundane.

Namaste en route to Hong Kong, a stopover en route to India, where 18 of us Twist Yogis will meet up on the other side of the world for yoga, contemplation and prayer.  And probably some shopping. This retreat comes literally on the heels of last week’s Maui retreat, which was one of the loveliest … Read More »

Snow = Warm Childhood Memories.

Happy Snow Day!  Isn’t it fun waking up to the first snowfall of the year?  Especially right around Christmas: it brings back such warm memories of unabashed childhood frolicking, days off from school, and warm hot chocolate by the fireplace. Unless, of course, you spent all of your childhood Christmases visiting your conservative, ultra religious … Read More »