How to Save a Marriage Doomed from the Start.

Midway through my twenties, I thought it a good idea to get married.  Which likely would’ve turned out pretty great, had I actually partnered someone with whom I was remotely compatible. Brian was a socially and politically conservative graduate of West Point Military Academy, and when we married, he was a Lieutenant Colonel on the … Read More »

Now THIS is a life worth living.

My daughter.  She’s in fourth grade.  The other day I swung by her school mid-day and arrived during recess, where I was greeted with the unabashed joy of kids at play:  Running, shouting and screeching laughter. I recall playing like that as a child, but to do so now would be weird.  For I am mature.

THIS is Genius.

Every so often, I discover something so enlightening that makes me want to forgo the usual niceties of a blog –  the hello, the introduction, the how-are-you-doin? – and get straight to the good stuff: I have found the key to equanimity on YouTube.  You know, the wise website dedicated to spiritual growth? I should back up … Read More »