Caring is Cool.

My mother used to tell a story of my childhood stubbornness. As an only child used to calling the shots, visiting family –including a dozen or so cousins – in South Carolina every holiday season was mostly a positive experience, save a few experiences, like this one. Or the time where I caught the wrath … Read More »

Water Fast Post #4: A Clue, a Hunch and Tons of Denial.

Depsite the fact that time and time again my doctors declared me normal, I finally found one who gave me some answers: Fear not, for I had Dr. Google at my disposal! While researching each one of my health symptoms separately, the same two words continually popped up in many sources – from a multitude … Read More »

This one’s all over the place.

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table the eve before May, the month of Mother’s Day, officially begins. Regardless of whether or not either party is currently present, is there any more complex relationship than that of mother and child? It can be loving and supportive, or swing the other way into anxiety and sadness.  … Read More »