Finding Santosha in the Mundane.

Namaste en route to Hong Kong, a stopover en route to India, where 18 of us Twist Yogis will meet up on the other side of the world for yoga, contemplation and prayer.  And probably some shopping. This retreat comes literally on the heels of last week’s Maui retreat, which was one of the loveliest … Read More »

Snow = Warm Childhood Memories.

Happy Snow Day!  Isn’t it fun waking up to the first snowfall of the year?  Especially right around Christmas: it brings back such warm memories of unabashed childhood frolicking, days off from school, and warm hot chocolate by the fireplace. Unless, of course, you spent all of your childhood Christmases visiting your conservative, ultra religious … Read More »

We’re all on the same team.

December is the perfect time to tap into your reverent side and experience the  magic of the season.  Even the most Pollyanna-ish among us cannot argue that this is the perfect time for expressing gratitude for the people and experiences that make your life so rich. If not now, when?  As Judith Lasater told us … Read More »

Gratitude… It’s not just another Oprah cliche.

We are feeling terrific and content thanks to you:  A few words for you at this beautiful time of year….. As we celebrate the good fortune of our fifth Thanksgiving as Twist Yoga, we are grateful for you; that you show up on your mat and share your lives with us. Some of you have … Read More »

Just Say No. Go to Yoga Instead.

Last Friday evening I was talking over the fence to my neighbor.  We’re both high school teachers and were collectively bemoaning our stressful weeks at school. My neighbor, let’s call her “Mari” (pronounced Mary), said to me, “Hey, we both need to relax and decompress:  how bout my husband and I come by tonight; we’ll … Read More »

Now THIS is a life worth living.

My daughter.  She’s in fourth grade.  The other day I swung by her school mid-day and arrived during recess, where I was greeted with the unabashed joy of kids at play:  Running, shouting and screeching laughter. I recall playing like that as a child, but to do so now would be weird.  For I am mature.


Happy Labor Day Weekend, Friends. For this month’s post, I had this bright idea to turn to important current events for inspiration, but I can’t figure out to turn twerking* into a yoga lesson. *For those of you living under a rock, see the end of this post.    The biggest news story of the … Read More »

THIS is Genius.

Every so often, I discover something so enlightening that makes me want to forgo the usual niceties of a blog –  the hello, the introduction, the how-are-you-doin? – and get straight to the good stuff: I have found the key to equanimity on YouTube.  You know, the wise website dedicated to spiritual growth? I should back up … Read More »

Desperately Seeking Mental-Health Holiday

I’ve long been skeptical of things trying to be something they’re not; of experiences and products that are trying to pull one over on our senses. I am generally baffled that there is a market for non-dairy creamer. Maybe I’m too much of a pragmatist, but all things “faux” give me the willies. At best, … Read More »