Livestream: Frequently Asked Qs.

Do I need to register for classes?

@TwistYoga.TV is a private, members only, account and we ask you register for classes.  Use Twist Yoga’s App or online schedule.

Can I view LiveStream on my computer or TV?

Yes! We currently stream through the Instagram App.  If you have an Apple TV or some other smart screen device, you may download the app onto your device and stream from there.  To stream from your computer, you can download the chrome plug in.

Other options: Many people find iPads work well, or connecting your phone to a Bluetooth speaker for better at home sound quality. 

Are you able to show me how to download to my TV? 


Will I be seen/heard at home as I am practicing?

No, we disable the “join” feature at the start of classes.  If the teacher forgets to disable and you receive the “request to join” notification, please ignore.  

May I ask questions during LiveStream classes?

Their primary priority is offering meaningful class content. You can comment during IG live, however our teachers may not able to respond.  We love the feedback, though…. So please DO send us hearts and smiles.  

Issues with sound, recording quality or content?

Until we are finished with Shelter in Place, our teachers are limited to record in their own homes.  Sometimes, pets/kids/neighbors/equipment limitations/connectivity affect experiences.  We ask that you have patience with us until we have some sense of normalcy.  Once that happens we will provide higher quality production value. 

How should I set up my home practice space?

Any practice space will work! 

  • Even if it’s in a hallway, create some sacred ritual around taking up space.  
  • Follow @twistyoga and take a look at our highlights for some examples of #TwistUpYourHome  
  • Roll out your mat.  Or just practice on the floor, if you don’t have a mat.  
  • Any practice feels better than no practice. 
  • Understand these are unprecedented times, so have patience with yourself and kids if home practice doesn’t feel exactly like 

What if I don’t have props?

If you have props, great!  If you don’t, still great!  Get creative: use a stack of books for a block, sofa cushions instead of a bolster, a belt or necktie instead of a strap.

A message from our founder, Jen.

“Twist Yoga studios are communities and that’s what makes us different from a BBY (Big Box Yoga).  

We really are a community; makes Twist Yoga different really is our beloveds. We are 35 employees’ and hundreds of customers’ second home and extended family.

We are a community that has seen each other through triumph, losses, wins, death, divorce and more…. We are lucky.  We take care of each other. If anyone can survive this, Twist Yoga can. 

This probably won’t happen at CorePower or ClassPass studios. I love that about us.

So far, people are pulling together and want Twist Yoga to be there when this is over. Those who can afford to pay are still paying.  This who can are offering more support.

We are a people-community business; we will survive if we help each other. “