Stream with us online!

Beloved Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided the most responsible and caring thing to do right now is to move all services online and suspend in-studio classes beginning tomorrow, Monday, until at least until April 1.

We’re still open!

We realize that the practices we offer are a vital resource to you, and help you boost your immune system, elevate your mood, and manage *some* semblance of normalcy.

We’ll continue serving you virtually multiple times daily via @twistyoga Instagram Live. 

Virtual studio

Our virtual studio via Instagram Live begins tomorrow.  Our Schedule and App will be updated to include class times.  We’ll also post on social.  Please follow us on Instagram @twistyoga.  

Details- How to join us

In conferencing with our leadership team, we considered doing what many studios are offering:  Paid membership only/login access to a Zoom call for classes. 

But, ugh.  The logistics.  The Zoom download.  The 12 digit meeting code.  Limiting access. Technology issues. The hassle for our community.  

Ultimately we decided upon offering classes on the free Instagram platform with unrestricted access. 

Why?  As a gesture of goodwill.  Because we’re all exhausted. Because we need you – and you need us – more than ever.  


It costs JUST as much $ overhead (if not more – because of the ever changing administrative pivoting we’re doing) to offer you this service.  

We also realize the impact on the wellness community of offering tons of free livestream classes….  It sets up the expectation that diminishes the value of yoga professionals’ who are trying to make a living offering a life-affirming and saving service to you.  

We hope that you – beloved community – will see the value of our current work, understand the impacts of the future of wellness professionals and continue to keep your monthly memberships active and continue to contribute your membership dues. 

We are humbly asking for you to help us with this honor system.

Ultimately only your support will enable us to re-open when this passes and ensures you will continue to have the option to receive our services.

Your membership

Your membership remains active to ensure LiveStream access – and will continue to remain active until you notify us of your desire to suspend or cancel.

If you are not in the position to remain active, email us ( and we’ll suspend or cancel your membership.

If you are privileged enough to offer a little more – or you’re not on a membership and find our online presence or offerings useful, we’ve set up a “Team Twist” $50 support campaign to help… your dollars will go toward supplementing what laid off workers can’t pay. 

Leadership in the Wellness Industry

We are one of the first studios to close in the Seattle area. 

It. Is. Terrifying.  

But we’re going to lead the charge.

There are a lot of reasons why studios and small businesses are still open. But primarily, there’s one: because our social safety net doesn’t exist. 

What is incredible:  Seeing our communities step up where our social programs failed. (Let’s vote in November, shall we?!)

We’re leading the curve and suspending in-studio classes, even though closing risks losing our businesses, creates heartbreak over not providing work and pay for our beloved employees and not being able to serve our community…. If you’re a business owner and have a heart and conscience and employ people, that’s the kind of thing that’s kept us all awake all week. 

I get it. I offer compassion and empathy to all grappling with this decision.

There is good news. Social-distancing works. And the sooner we do it, and the more completely, the sooner this passes. We can get it to manageable levels more quickly, or we can drag this out for months and months.  

So, what is the future of Twist Yoga? 

Honestly, I don’t know. 

I do not know what we’ll do if we lose Twist Yoga. I don’t know what my employees will do if we can’t pay them, although it is my priority to do what I can to keep our core-team employed through this time. 

But I do know that all three Twist Yoga studios are communities and that’s what makes us different from a BBY (Big Box Yoga).  This is where we test that and prove it. 

I can tell you that when I announced we were closing to a few beloveds, I was met with nothing but support. They thanked us for doing the right thing, told us that they’d still support us, some even offering to cover the costs for people who lost work and can’t pay. 

(Those three generous offers really got the tears flowing).

We really are a community. This probably won’t happen at CorePower or ClassPass studios; what makes Twist Yoga different really is our beloveds. We are 35 employees’ and hundreds of customers’ second home and extended family.

We are a community that has seen each other through triumph, losses, wins, death, divorce and more…. We are lucky.  We take care of each other. If anyone can survive this, Twist Yoga can. 

So far, people are pulling together and want Twist Yoga to be there when this is over. Those who can afford to pay are still paying.  This who can are offering more support.

What’s next

This is obviously unprecedented, and while we do not know what the future holds, I am making this decision with the support of our Leadership Team (Melissa, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ellie and Ashley, who have answered my call to UP LEVEL their response in service exponentially).  

My team and I will keep you informed at every turn. And we ask for your patience as we get our bearings in the next few days.

Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding. We can’t wait to see you in person again: more healthy, vital & strong than ever.

With love, 

Jen Mitchell, Owner & Director of Education