Practice Online: Livestream Tutorial

We stream new classes daily on our livestream @TwistYoga.TV , an Instagram account exclusive to our loyal monthly members!

Perks of

👉Our schedule now includes more teachers and more daily classes.

👉Classes will now be saved to IGTV for unlimited access on your own schedule!

How to Access:

How to Watch Livestreams:

Join classes live with your favorite teachers & your community all practicing together online!

  • At scheduled class time, hop on Instagram and go to your home page. Live stream will appear in a circle at the top of your screen with our gold logo with LIVE. Refresh page if you don’t see it right away.
  • You CAN view livestream on your computer, just download the chrome plug in.

How to Watch Video Library:

Livestreams will now be saved and can be accessed any time that fits your schedule! Yay!

Option 1: From Feed:

  • Preview of video is posted on the account feed page for
  • Select the video in the feed: A preview will begin to play and you can see the caption of the style of yoga and the instructors name.
  • Select Keep Watching when prompted to view entire class

Option 2: From IGTV:

  • Select TV symbol underneath where it says following/ message to enter IGTV
  • You will see the same preview of class, with the style captioned
  • Just above the left upper video, you can select Series – In Series you can select the style of yoga, see a class description and browse the various classes in that style of yoga.

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Livestream participant disclaimer: Before beginning this or any movement program, please seek approval from your physician.  By joining us, you are acknowledging that you are voluntarily participating in this practice, understand potential dangers and accept and assume any and all risks. If at any time, instruction does not feel safe in your body, please opt out of any or all exercises. Twist Yoga and its employees cannot be liabable for injuries, including death, sustained during this practice.