Stefanie C.

Stefanie started practicing yoga in 2002 when a friend invited her along to a class. Life got busy and Stefanie fell out of the routine. After a few year hiatus, in 2013, she decided to return to yoga to compliment the long distance running she had done, as she was training to get qualify for the Boston Marathon 2016. Through this training period, Stefanie found that yoga provided the balance and the euphoria that running gave her. Yoga has helped her through her injuries and times of not being able to run by providing a space to basically ‘sweat it all out and leave it all behind’. She became centered, calm, and disciplined. Stefanie became a certified running coach through RRCA and a certified instructor for Yoga for Athletes through Jas Yoga, and ran her Boston Marathon in 2016. She became a certified yoga instructor for Traditional Hot Yoga in February 2017 in Mexico.

Stefanie’s goal is to incorporate her skill of motivation to inspire others through teaching yoga and be inspired by her students. She wants to create a caring, compassionate, and connected space in her yoga classes. When Stefanie is not running or yoga-ing, you can find her traveling, skiing, camping, puzzling, baking, wine-tasting, eating and just having some good old fun with her husband, 2 daughters and good friends.

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