I help all sorts of bodies find strength and ease in a practice which challenges them, wherever you are in your yoga journey. I have always thought of everything we do prior to savasana as “getting the wiggles out” so that we can connect to stillness, our spirit and our highest self in our final meditation.

My teaching is grounded in helping yogis move towards their edge safely to explore the reaches of just how capable our bodies and minds truly are. Each time we come to our mat is an opportunity to know ourselves better through playful movement and to build trust and confidence in and with ourselves. Your experience in your body is unique to you, and while the classes I offer can be challenging, you get to “choose your own adventure” as modifications and alternative postures are always welcome and offered.

While I take alignment and the practice seriously, I try not to take myself too seriously and for better or worse share my humor and light spirit in my teaching. I look forward to flowing and breathing….and probably laughing and sweating with you soon.

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