Sarah helps overworked and stressed out people through breath and body awareness in slow but strong movements. Sarah’s style of teaching is accessible and educational: offering many variations and opportunities to make your practice specific to your body and mind needs that day.

She is a yoga instructor, backpacker, dog lover and experienced creative who left the hustle of the tech industry to pursue a path in the wellness industry. She is passionate about spreading the practices of yoga and meditation to those who don’t think it’s possible for them.

When she is not working, she is spending as much time in nature with her pup as possible (seriously, she does! She’s not just saying that as part of another cheesy yoga bio). Join her for practice to connect to your breath and body…and maybe even share a few laughs! Sarah often finds herself laughing at herself and encourages you to do the same.

Sarah’s CV:

  • 2020 – Jen Mitchell & Elizabeth Synder | Authentic Sequencing |10 hrs
  • 2019 – Janell Hartman | Yin Yoga | 20 hrs
  • 2019 – Jen Mitchell | Kundalini Yoga | 20 hrs
  • 2019 – Jen Mitchell & Janell Hartman | Restorative Yoga | 20 hrs
  • 2019 – Samara Andrade | Trauma Informed Yoga | 20 hrs
  • 2018 – Michele Hausman | Yoga Nidra | 20 hrs
  • 2018 – Twist Yoga & Michele Hausman | RYT Training | 200 hrs
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