Renaun was introduced to yoga 20 years ago in San Francisco. As an active runner, outdoor enthusiast and participant in many athletic endeavors, she was searching for a counter balance to her active lifestyle and all the impact her body had (and would continue to) endure.

Being an “on-the-move” kind of gal she has traveled the globe as well as resided in various locations. Along the way she discovered power vinyasa in Santa Monica and was hooked.

The flow, constant movement and creative sequencing appealed to her interest in physical challenge as well as the unpredictable. Who knew you could get a workout in a 2 foot x 6 foot space?! Since then the practice of yoga has become much more than a workout — opening the door to a life-long commitment.

After completing her 200 hour teacher training at Twist Yoga in Edmonds, Renaun began teaching among her fellow practitioners within the Twist community.

Her playful, upbeat personality and tone influences her class vibe. Understanding that every individual steps on to their mat with a unique story — energy level, emotional and physical state — she offers postures for all levels with attention on alignment. She aims to deliver a class that is challenging, safe and fun — and every yogi leave her class feeling better in the body, calmer in the mind and (hopefully) making a connection between the two!

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