I teach classes rooted in intelligent movement so that clients can (re) discover their innate strength and stability. 

People who love anatomy and functional movement find my classes to be challenging and informative.   

I’ll meet you without judgment because no body is the same.

My classes are slow and steady to allow for time to observe your habitual patterns. Precise and detailed cues keep your attention and highlight blind spots. I’ll also allow gracious space to allow your nervous system a chance to reprogram.

I teach with the wisdom of my teachers and the curiosity of an eternal student. 


A little about my journey to yoga. 

As a physical therapist, I came to yoga trying to understand why my patients were getting injured in their yoga practice. At the same time, as a new mom, I came to yoga for myself while struggling to work full time and support my family.

I thought yoga was boring. Why spend an hour at yoga when I could do real exercise?

Besides, I couldn’t sit on the ground comfortably, never mind touch my toes.  Yoga was HARD.

And what was up with lying down at the end of class? Who needs that? There is so much to do….go….go….go.

And then there was this breathing thing — relaxing your belly. But that was against all good “core” training advice I had ever heard. So, of course, I fought it. Because, of course, I knew better.

But something kept pulling me in.  I was introduced to yoga philosophy through a weekend lecture on the yoga sutras.  I remember the first break in the lecture, driving a simple errand, and feeling Peace.  That inner stillness and contentment and acceptance.  And I was hooked.

I learned that the physical poses were developed with the primary purpose of allowing the body to sit comfortably for meditation. So that you could sit and not be distracted by the physical discomforts of the body.  I learned how to breathe (yes your belly does need to move).

I began to change the way I thought, moved and felt.  And all of a sudden, without trying, I could touch my toes. Which was cool.  But even cooler: my relationship with myself, with others and with this world began to change.  Are still changing. Evolving. Deepening.

Want to learn more about my physical therapy background and professional training?

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More Information

What’s your favorite yoga pose at the moment?

Savasana after a well balanced practice.


Describe a moment during a yoga practice that rocked your world.

Physically: the first headstand. I had never achieved an inversion, and with assist from a great teacher was able to change my outlook on this challenge. 

Mentally/ Emotionally/ Spiritually: the first time I felt completely aware and at peace, after listening to the first half of a yoga sutra lecture.  I was driving at the break and felt totally calm, empty of stress and worries.  Now I can glimpse that contentment in other areas of my life.


What’s your favorite place?

Favorite places tend to be associated with happy memories, gratitude, and love.  A backpacking trip to the mountains with my family.


What is your favorite color? Why?

I don’t have one.  I tend toward earth tones.  How do you choose a shade from Autumn leaves, Northern Lights, Sunsets, Moonlight . . . ?


Whom do you admire?

I meet people every day to admire: raising children unexpectedly alone, struggling to do their best despite chronic illness, supporting aging parents and raising grandchildren, giving despite not “having,” living their true path.  I love people who have a quiet security within themselves, that make you feel welcomed and view without judgement.  I love people who give generously and unselfishly.  I love people who keep the sparkle and awe of a child through their lives.


What traits in others are you attracted to?

Authenticity, Compassion, Honesty, Altruism, Integrity, Loyalty, Humor


What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

People do kind things all the time.  The kindest does not have to be the “biggest.”  A hug when you need it, a reflective note, taking the time to say Thank you or I Love You, respecting your lifestyle and choices, an offer to help, giving without expectation, vacuuming without being asked . . .


Favorite book:

Whatever I am reading that: transports me to a new world,opens a new door, allows for self-reflection, teaches me something for work or yoga or life, puts me in somebody else’s shoes, anything I can read with my son for extra cuddle time or giggles or nurturing natural inquisitiveness.


Besides yoga, loves….

my family (unconditionally most of the time), my dogs (despite the hair and drool, especially of the St. Bernard), (even) my cats, reading (almost anything), learning (almost anything), hiking (except for mosquitoes and bee stings), and much more (cool river on hot day, first snowfall. . .)


Favorite thing about Twist Yoga?

I found a community that I didn’t realize i was missing 🙂


Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank You Jen, for opening this door