I help burnt-out spiritual seekers and skeptics find peace through gentle movement, breath-work and chanting so they can stress less and live a life with more purpose. 

In my classes, practices are gentle and trauma-informed. You may build some heat and experience the benefits of a good stretch, but you won’t find a sweaty workout.  Our main work is to steady the mind, move the body in ways that nourish, and connect with your own precious heart. You’ll leave more relaxed and filled with feel-good endorphins from meditation with mantra. 

Yoga & me

I found yoga a decade ago in a quest for support for my weary body, mind and spirit. I was three years into my career as a child welfare social worker, traveling to Africa every quarter, collaborating on projects for vulnerable kids and struggling with secondary trauma and burn-out. I was also deep in the grief-filled process of deconstructing my Christian faith. As a born and raised southern Baptist from rural Alabama, this was a real identity crisis.

Yoga taught me how to work with my breath, which has been a game changer in navigating stress and anxiety. I also discovered how disconnected I was from my body; trauma had caused disassociation that I was completely unaware of until I began exploring postures on my mat. Inevitably, the more time I spent in yoga the more I befriended and began to trust my own body. This will be my work for the rest of my life, I’m sure. 

I knew yoga would help me physically, but I didn’t expect yoga to help me heal and rediscover a relationship with God. Unlike how I was conditioned in the church, I no longer believe that God lives outside of us and that we have to “be good” to earn grace. Instead, I believe that God lives inside every single one of us, just as we are, and a consistent yoga practice helps us reconnect to our own divinity.

Trainings & family. 

I became a yoga teacher through Twist Yoga’s 200 & 500 hour training programs. My goal as a teacher is to share the practices which have a profound impact on my life and continue to save my ass on a daily basis. I’m so honored to teach at my home studio among my favorite teachers.

I’m married to my college sweetheart, Stephen. Together we offer a monthly kirtan at twist. When we aren’t making yogic music together, our two 11 year-old Australian Shepards keep us busy and laughing. 

I’d be honored to share a practice with you and hope to meet you on the mat soon. 

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