I began practicing yoga consistently as an avenue of self-care during my decade of social work with homeless women. Within this intense environment, the practical benefits of asana, pranayama and meditation became immediately apparent.

I completed my teacher training in 2005 and advanced teacher training in 2006 with 8-Limbs Yoga Center, and have deepened my direction towards yoga as a therapeutic modality in her studies with Tias Little, as well as numerous trainings with other accomplished teachers. 

I volunteered for Yoga Behind Bars for eight years, leading weekly classes for incarcerated men at Monroe Correctional Complex.  Since 2012, I’ve trained hundreds of folks in Restorative yoga and Taoist Yin yoga teacher trainings at Twist, and currently I lead the 200-hour yoga teacher certification program.

In conjunction to teaching, I’m an experienced colon hydrotherapist, lymphatic therapist and lifestyle-health educator at a naturopathic clinic called Tummy Temple in Seattle.

You can expect strong, safe, empowering instruction – including some playful elements of dance and martial arts – in my yoga sessions, with a spirit of inclusivity and accessibility for any level of practitioner.  My reverence for the natural world is reflected within class structures which honor the flux of seasonal energies that influence our physiology and emotions.

An enduring love of art, music, meditation and world travel keep me busy creating and exploring inside and out!

More Information

What’s your favorite yoga pose at the moment?

I’m lovinga nice long soak in Horse Stance/Goddess Pose. Perfect marriage of Yin and Yang. Intrinsic muscular symmetry gives me access to relaxation and ease from which the fires of sustainable strength arise and blaze. Heaven and Earth unite, all energy channels light up like the sun and I dissolve into breath. Feels the best at the end of a deep Yin session.


Describe a moment during a yoga practice that rocked your world.

Many years ago, EiricOvrid had us begin class by laying down in savasana. He guided us into deep relaxation with poetic visualisations and soothing voice. Suddenly he slammed a bamboo wood yoga block onto the hard studio floor. We all jolted and gasped. Some people were angry, others laughed nervously, one lady cried. Then he explained that our bodies respond instinctively to a triggering stimulus, which is natural. How we interpret it–that’s what we’re responsible for. How do we return to peace after a storm? He dared to bring us to that observation in a consciously shocking way. It shifted my philosophy on facing obstacles in life. Deep bows.


What’s your favorite place?

The natural sauna at Breitenbush Hot Springs. Like an old pirate ship poised directly over the earth’s boiling interior, hot lithium steam rising through the slats on the floor, the smell of cedar, the sound of rushing water, the ecstatically feverish sweating. During daytime, sun rays shine through and dance on the steam. At night, I’m in a warm dark womb… it’s the best.


What is your favorite color? Why?

Yellow. Because…yellow!


Who do you admire?

The incarcerated men I teach out at Monroe Correctional Complex. I’ve never had students more dedicated to all facets of this practice. Like monks! The way they listen, the way they dare to follow, the way they weave the philosophy into their life…they’re building true freedom. 


What traits in others are you attracted to? 

Haha. Well, consciously I’m attracted to self-responsible, daring, non-pretentious, funny, generous, relaxed warriors of Love. While subconsciously I’m attracted to folks that bring up/mirror my egos and hangups so we can straighten that crap out. Both are pretty darn interesting.


What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

My dear parents loving me skilfully through massive teenage rebellion.


Favorite book:

Monster at the End of This Book, by Grover (yeah, from Sesame Street). Pretty much sums it all up. Check it out.


Besides yoga, loves….

I love to drum, sing, play guitar, music of all kinds. I love to travel. I love to cook and eat and feed people. I love to paint and dance and play games and watch good movies. I love to have long deep discussions about things that matter. I love giving people colonics–that’s my other job. Hey, it’s all yoga!


Favorite thing about Twist Yoga?

I love the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Jen really keeps it real and stays expansive in her vision. There’s a sassy elegance to this place. I admire the diversity of class offerings here too…there’s truly something for everyone. That’s how it’s supposed to be!