I guide dedicated students who are attracted to fierce strength and awareness practices. I love to create intelligent, challenging sequences that set the stage for healthy bodies and new thought patterns. 

Early on, I was surprised when my students named me ‘The Silent Assassin’ but it makes sense since I offer the potent tools of yoga in powerful classes with gentle, accessible and kind instruction.

I often say that low cobra saved my life and it’s actually pretty true.  I showed up in a yoga class with chronic neck pain that was then resolved within a few months of practicing yoga and the rest is history. 

I’ve taught yoga in the Seattle area for over 15 years and have a ton of experience practicing and teaching styles ranging from Ashtanga to Therapeutic Yoga.  Most recently I earned my Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist certification which allows me to deep dive into anatomy and physiology to better understand why these practices work. I am endlessly fascinated by the brilliance of the human mind and body and love sharing spaces to explore their potential for growth.

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