Emily first arrived to yoga in 2006 as an at home mom, seeking balance from a bustling mind and a busy life. Quickly she reaped physical benefits, as well as satiating a hunger for a quieter mind. Seeking ‘more’ she began her search for a deeper practice eventually landing at TWIST, a studio she considers home. Her conscious practice began here and has expanded not only her heart but also her mind.

With over 15 years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist she is able to bring related muscle awareness and movement consciousness to her classes. She believes that yoga helps cultivate not only kindness and compassion, but also carves the path to a peaceful heart. She strives to inspire her students to ‘listen’ to their bodies, and their breath. Offering the opportunity to find unlimited spaciousness within their own hearts, minds, and lives. Making room for inner growth and setting the stage for inner healing. Her goal is to guide and provide her students a safe, nurturing, challenging, and authentic space to both surrender and expand, and to seek within themselves the sacred silence of their soul.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi~

More Information

What’s your favorite yoga pose at the moment?

UrdhvaDhanurasana (wheel). With an open heart and feet planted firmly upon Mother Earth, this posture reminds me to seek a new perspective when life gets tough. Also savasana. Here we reap the benefits of our practice and also the magic in surrendering to Earths’ energy and her intoxicating warmth. It is in this posture that i feel at peace and in union with all that is within me as well as the world around me. It is here that i can truly “begin again.”


Describe a moment during a yoga practice that rocked your world.

Breitenbush 2014. Live Kirtan by Rob &Melissa, assisted me in finding the music within my own practice. Tapping in to my heart chakra and allowing me to cleanse from the inside out. Tears of joy nearly blinding me as i sat in the silent pool after, surrounded by meadow and sky.


What’s your favorite place?

The rain forests on the Olympic Peninsula. Walking through the forests and sitting by the rivers, listening to the silent revery and the eagles call.


What is your favorite color? Why?

ORANGE. It represents warmth, creativity, and passion. It’s also a representation of autumn, my favorite time of year with its colors and beauty.


Whom do you admire?

My Grandmother, Barbara Belle Howard (97). Her story exudes strength and wisdom and selfless duty to those around her as well as her country (Captain of her Nursing Corps WW2, Lead Nurse at Children’s NICU, an entire career in nursing until retirement). Family has always been her focus and her secret to longevity and happiness.


What traits in others are you attracted to?

Kindness. Compassion. Imperfection.


What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

My husband works hard 6 months of a year in the Arctic to provide for our family and give our children an abundant childhood full of family, friends, vacations and a place to call home. This kindness has given me the ability to ‘stay home’ for almost 10 years with our girls and raise them to be confident, kind and radiant little beings without the additional stresses an outside job would provide.


Favorite book:

the Alchemist. There are jewels of wisdom hidden throughout, a book I find myself thinking about even when it’s not my current read.


Besides yoga, loves….

Music of all sorts, misty morning walks through the forests on the Olympic Peninsula, sweet cuddles from my little people, meals shared with family and friends, warm conversations over tea with loved ones, swimming or dreaming under a sky scattered with stars, Dancing, reading, Plant-Spirit-Medicine and helping people connect with their sacred space using massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. 


Favorite thing about Twist Yoga?

Its ability to attract people of all kinds and create a community based on peace and compassion.


Anything else you’d like to add?

My personal website, QuietThymeWellness.com Found on FB, Quiet Thyme