Elizabeth was first introduced to yoga at a young age, as a part of her 15 years of dance training. But it wasn’t until graduating college with a BA in dance and being faced with the pressures of the real world that Elizabeth began to truly understand and practice yoga.
In a time of constant change, yoga brought her much needed moments of serenity, something she hopes to help her students find as well. After spending six years as a dance teacher, it was only natural that Elizabeth felt inclined to teach yoga as well, leading her to complete her 200hr teacher training in Las Vegas in 2015.
Elizabeth is excited to share her love of yoga with the community. With a strong emphasis on healthy alignment, and a powerful yet calm teaching presence, her classes take you into your body and out of your head in order to develop a more intentional practice.
In addition to her love of yoga, Elizabeth elevates the Twist Yoga leadership team as the New Media Curator.  She is a passionate environmentalist, a dog mom, and a student of life.
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