Doug Smith

Doug spent the summer of 1995 in near isolation in the woods somewhere outside of Olympia. He had about half a dozen books with him, one of which was the infamous Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass. The book contains – amongst a zillion other things that are useful to know – an instruction manual for a series of Hatha Yoga poses that form the foundation of a thoughtful and grounded yoga practice. The asanas in the book became a part of Doug’s daily routine and after that summer he continued leaning on books to cobble together a simple but steady home practice.

It took about ten years before Doug attended his first yoga class. Since somewhere around 2005 he has been a regular at a number of great yoga studios around Seattle and has been exposed to many styles. Though the classes that he teaches tend toward the rigorous vinyasa variety. He obtained his two-hundred hour yoga teacher training credential in the Summer of 2017.

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