Chrissy Vorpagel

After years towards a promising yet unfulfilling career in the medical field, Chrissy found her own truth through Yoga-
Wellness begins with awareness. On her yoga path she found a world of healing that radiates from the inside out. Reactions became mindful actions. Interactions became teachings. Effort became exploration. As a result, she has begun to explore the world, giving and receiving teachings of mindfulness meditation, pranayama, anusara yoga, yin and yang yoga as well as prenatal and children’s yoga: from Florida to Alaska, from Peru to Hong Kong.. Chrissy’s true passion in teaching is nurturing. She focuses on the core concepts of compassion, patience, encouragement, safety and joy that are at the heart of every being.
With extensive knowledge that is both academic & experiential in child psychology and human development, her unique blend of yoga combines the natural wisdom of the child like heart with the discipline of the adult mind. Chrissy’s teaching fosters the fundamentals of growth in mind, body and spirit at every age level; this is where we connect to our inner selves. Physically, her teachings are centered around alignment and breath focus, allowing the body to open for growth of strength and flexibility.
Energetically this makes it possible for our energy to flow, uninhibited through every meridian. She is currently studying meridian theory while deepening her practice of Buddhism with her Teacher Sarah Powers .
Chrissy has spent the last five years placing kids yoga program in schools and hospitals around Palm Beach Florida and hopes to continue her work here in the PNW, her new home.
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