I’m here for athletes and wannabe-athletes who want to (re)awaken and strengthen their bodies so their lives flow better.

We work with the breath in my classes, along with challenging yoga sequences that shake up your status quo and will probably make you sweat some.  My offerings are on the challenging side at Twist, but I’m great at offering lots of options, so all levels practitioners invited and should come. 

You won’t just explore the physical in my classes, though: I like to infuse a bit of yoga wisdom into the class, to give your mind something to chew on.

As for me, I’ve been teaching yoga since 1998.  My early yoga days were pretty intense-  power vinyasa and sweaty, rigorous classes were my thing.  That foundation has evolved since then: I still love to teach the challenge, but I’ve gotten a lot better at keeping them safe and more accessible with alignment, breathing techniques, and yogic wisdom.

Before teaching yoga I was a group fitness instructor and a semi-professional ballet dancer.  I graduated from Gonzaga University in 1994, where I met my sweet husband.  We’ve got three grown boys who’ve all moved away, so we spend most of our time fixing up our house, going for long walks or short runs, traveling, all the typical things empty-nesters do.

Carmen’s CV

  • 2022 Yoga Medicine Shoulder: Anatomy, Dysfunction and Application Teacher Training Tiffany Cruikshank (55 hrs)
  • 2021 Sadie Nardini Somatic Flexibility Technique (20 hrs)
  • 2019 Feet on the Ground: Trauma-Informed Yoga (20 hrs)
  • 2019 The Yoga Project Stacy Dockins; Injury Prevention and Yoga (20 hrs)
  • 2018 Twist Yoga Janell Hartman; Yin Yoga Training (20 hrs)
  • 2016 Twist Yoga Harvey Deutch; Anatomy (20 hrs)
  • 2016 Sadie Nardini Rockstar Sequencing, Flow and Empowerment (20 hrs)
  • 2014 Twist Yoga Megan Carrol, Jen Mitchell,;  500 Hour TT (300 hrs)
  • 2014 Live Love Teach Philip Urso and Stacy Dockins; Spirituality/Vinyasa(100 hrs)
  • 2007 Baptiste Power Yoga Institute Baron Baptiste; Level  2 Teacher training (100 hrs)
  • 2005 Baptiste Power Yoga Institute Baron Baptiste; Level 1 Teacher training (100 hrs)
  • 2002 YogaFit Stephanie Adams; Level 4 (40 hrs)
  • 2001 YogaFit Yoga Stephanie  Adams; Anatomy (20 hrs)
  • 2000 YogaFit Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for the Back (20 hrs)
  • 1999 Shakti Vinyasa Yoga Lisa Black; Art of Assisting (20 hrs)
  • 1999 YogaFit Stephanie Adams; Level 2 and 3 (40 hrs)
  • 1998 YogaFit Stephanie Adams; Level 1 (20 hrs)
  • 1997 Center for Yoga of Seattle, Iyengar Teacher Training Richard Schachtel- (40 hrs)
  • 1996 American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor Certification
More Information

Favorite Color:



Favorite Animal:



Favorite Quote:

“Suffering is Optional” -B. Baptiste


Favorite Yoga Pose:

Natarajasana (Dancer)


Favorite Yoga Teacher/Class of All Time:

Baron Baptiste


Favorite Place:

The Oregon Coast


Favorite Musical Instrument:

Piano-though I don’t know how to play it!


Favorite Book:

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


Besides Yoga, Loves:



Favorite Thing About Twist Yoga:

The community of like-minded people who take their practice seriously, but take themselves lightly.


Anything Else You’d Like to Add?

So grateful to finally have a beautiful space to practice Yoga in Edmonds.