I’m bored. Let’s get create some trouble.

And here I thought I need to be able to paint. Or to throw cute pottery or spend hours with a sketchbook sitting in a corner at the Louvre. 

To classify myself as A Creative, I mean.

I am anything but one of those cool artist women who hangs macrame on my walls and wear those adorable feminine boho outfits topped with a felt fedora.

I tried the hats. I felt ridiculous.

And I speed through a museum ticking off the boxes: cool, seen it, let’s go. On y va.

Some of us are just too pragmatic.

But a Creator? Yes. My version shows up in the form of forming businesses and curated travel experiences and building spaces for communities to form.

And the creation muse has been knocking for a while now: so here we go, two weeks ago I signed with a contractor and a week later (big thanks to my favorite Aries season), they started a big project I’ve been dreaming and scheming for 15 years.

It was either this or another yoga studio. Or get another dog. Or, just go ahead and kill me, open a restaurant (although please god someone do a solid plant forward cafe in Edmonds tho!)

My point: we’re *all* creatives, even if our version doesn’t look like what we think it should.

And when creative is brewing, best to take action. It doesn’t have to be grand: even something simple will satisfy the energy of creation. Put together a bouquet of flowers for the dinner table tonight. Check some home improvement project off your list that’s been nagging at your consciousness for months.

Because when we resist channeling and nurturing what is within you, we instead birth an unnecessary problem and conflict so we can *create* a solution.

It’s your choice: your creation can be beautiful or trouble.

— Jen.