Happy 10th Birthday to us!

10 years ago today I opened the doors to Twist Yoga in Downtown Edmonds.  

Back in 2009, social media was in it’s infancy; people trickled in mostly through word of mouth.  We opened in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Downtown Edmonds felt like a dustbowl… today it feels like a thriving small town, but back then it was quiet, with many empty storefronts and shuttered doors.   In the beginning it was slow and scary and we struggled to pay the bills.  

Despite all that, we built a community. Because of many generous teachers & leadership crew and thousands of committed students, we started to thrive.  

For all of you I am humbled and grateful. 

I send a huge squeeze to Janell and Carmen, who’ve taught and served our community steadily and consistently since day 1;  including in this hug is Kate, Marni, April, who joined our crew very soon after and continue to be an incredibly important part of our valuable and special whole. To Melissa and the rest of our leadership crew who’ve made the last four years truly vibrant for all three Twist Yoga studios: Thank you.  

If I’m honest, being the founder of Twist Yoga has been one of my greatest challenges.

Being the proprietress of Twist Yoga has:

  • Been lonely 
  • brought me to my knees
  • cracked me open
  • shut me down
  • kept me up all night
  • exposed my weaknesses
  • showed me my strengths
  • challenged my integrity
  • made me cry – both tears of joy and grief 
  • filled my heart
  • shown me the world
  • nourished my soul
  • connected me with amazing people
  • helped me heal my trauma

And that’s just the short list. 

Many times at Twist Yoga, I’ve hid behind others; preferring instead to announce out loud that I was the “Back of the House”.  I propped others up in front of me; asked them to shine…. Avoided being seen as a leader, I suspect, in an effort to be less vulnerable.  That’s all changed in the past year.

Because, 1) 2019 has busted me open in ways I didn’t know I needed, and 2) whether you want it or not, we don’t choose to be a leader: the role chooses you.

There are many days that I’d rather not be in charge: When I’d prefer to numb out in front of an epic Real Housewives binge. 

But then there are those days when I walk through the doors of Twist Yoga and am greeted by the beautiful humans in our spaces. 

Ten years ago I had no idea how much I would expand and contract; gain and lose. I had no idea how much I would heal and love and learn to step into my own power. Thank you, Twist Yoga.

Thank you to those who have entered our doors since 2009. We’ve had incredible teachers, stewards and students come and go and come back again.

I love you all for making me who I am today. I’m proud of us. I’m proud of Twist.

With love, Jen.