Gratitude… It’s not just another Oprah cliche.

Be-Grateful1We are feeling terrific and content thanks to you:  A few words for you at this beautiful time of year…..

As we celebrate the good fortune of our fifth Thanksgiving as Twist Yoga, we are grateful for you; that you show up on your mat and share your lives with us.

Some of you have been with us since the beginning; some we’ve only just met (in this lifetime, anyway!).  Either way, we are blessed by your warmth and sense of community, blessed by your love, your enthusiasm and your inspiration. We are grateful.

Gratitude is obviously so much more than any one holiday could define. While it is sometimes feels nearly impossible to see the good in some situations, practicing gratitude is so much more than a trite Oprah-cliché.  Is a practice that elevates us from fear and uncertainty and creates a shift toward knowing, deep down, that “that what is”…. is perfect.  Even in all its imperfections.

In the power of gratitude is the seed of bliss.


Tapping into our bliss, we put ourselves on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for us, and the life that we ought to be living becomes the one we ARE living


Wherever you are, when you follow your bliss, you live the very essence of yoga: That where you are right now is pure and splendid, even with life’s ugly warts and all.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Friends.  You are perfect.