First of all, congratulations on taking the first step toward a new (or continuing) yoga practice. A regular yoga practice not only helps you feel better, but helps to strengthen, stretch and invigorate.

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There are two options for those new to yoga
(or returning to practice):

  • Simply drop in to a class.  For local residents new to the studio, our New Client Special offers $39 for 3 weeks of unlimited yoga so you may immerse yourself in our special studio culture.  Feel free to drop in any class, although some classes are more suited toward beginners:  Basics, Gentle, Yin and Hatha classes (see our Schedule for times). For a very gentle, barely physical yoga experience, consider dropping in to Friday night’s Restorative
  • Enrill in Intro to Yoga. For those wishing to have a more comprehensive introduction (or to fine tune your existing practice), Intro to Yoga begins the first Thursday of every other month at 7pm. Preregistration is necessary for our Intro offerings, as they always fill. Register for Intro to Yoga Series.


What do I need to do before my first class? Do I need to pre-register for classes?

Unless you’re registering for Yoga 101 or our Thursday night “Intro to Yoga” series, you need not pre-register. Just come about 10 minutes before the scheduled class time to sign in. We will show you where you can change your clothes, take off your shoes, use the bathroom and set up your mat. Yoga 101 is an once monthly, 2 hour workshop that gives you enough information to get started. “Intro to Yoga” is a more comprehensive, four week series. Both require pre-registration.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that will stretch. Avoid baggy tees that tend to fall over your head when you bend over. The room temperature in the studio is generally 80-85 degrees (with the exception of Intro to Yoga series & Restorative Yoga, which are held at room temperature) — so dress in layers. Yoga is done in your bare feet.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you have a yoga mat, please bring it. If not, we have mats available for rental. If you are taking a vinyasa class you may want to bring a water bottle and a towel — which are also available at our front desk for purchase.

What if I can’t touch my toes or have never been able to avoid distraction long enough to meditate?

You are in the right place. You are where you begin. We all have a lot to learn and breathe is a place to come practice.

Should I eat before I come to class?

Having something light in your stomach before class is fine to keep energy and blood sugar levels up, but avoid any heavy or large meals for at least 2 hours before class. Also, you will have a better experience if you come to class hydrated.

Is there a secure place to change and store belongings?

Yes, to both. We have a change room and we have cubbies in the studio where people store their valuables.


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