Congratulations on taking the first step toward a new (or continuing) yoga practice!  We’re thrilled to help you gain flexibility & strength and relieve tension so you can live a healthier, pain free and purpose-driven life.

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New Client Specials:

👉  New Client Month: 4 Weeks for $49.  Unlimited in studio, Zoom-Live classes 💻 & their recordings + plus complimentary On-Demand library access for 4 consecutive weeks.

👉  Intro to Yoga: $79:  A comprehensive introduction/review of yoga,  Intro to Yoga is a three week series beginning the first Thursday of the month.  Includes of complimentary drop in/zoom classes for duration of Intro series.  .

What do I need to do before my first class? Do I need to pre-register for classes?

Reservations are a must. In-studio reservations save your spot for capped in person classes, livestream reservations allow you to receive Zoom access info and recordings. Book your class and purchase your package via our schedule or Momence App.

What if I can’t touch my toes or can’t focus long enough to meditate?

You are in the right place. There are no physical prerequisites to attend class, we have been around a while, so we’re pretty good at making classes feel accessible especially for beginners – come find out for yourself!

I’m starting or re-starting my practice – which class should I start with?

We recommend most start with Gentle Yoga, you’ll move mindfully, build strength, balance and gain confidence. Our expert teachers may offer suggestions throughout any class style to help you feel supported. Review the class descriptions on our schedule to know what to expect.

Can I use my membership or pass at both locations?

Yes! All memberships and passes can be used at both locations, Downtown Edmonds and Richmond Beach.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that will stretch that do not limit your range of motion. Shoes are not worn in the studio and Yoga is best practiced in bare feet

Should I eat before class?

Having something light in your stomach before class is fine to keep energy and blood sugar levels up, avoid any heavy or large meals at least 2 hours before class. We recommend coming hydrated to class for a optimal experience.

I’m joining in person, where do I park?

Both of our locations have free parking that’s shared with the building. However, spots are not dedicated for studio use, and the lots can be full, so be sure to arrive with plenty of time to find alternate parking, which is plentiful on the street.  We cannot admit late arrivals, so always plan on a 10-15 minute cushion.  The parking lots: Edmonds, there is a 2-hour parking lot behind the building. Richmond Beach, parking spaces right out front.

I’m joining in person, what do I bring?

Bring your yoga mat and a water.  If you have any other props; blocks or blankets you may also want to bring those but they are not required. We offer studio-quality mats and props for purchase.

When should I arrive for in person classes?

Doors open 15 minutes before class and close once class begins. Give yourself plenty of time to find parking, complete a waiver, receive a brief tour of our space and meet our team. We lock the door at class start and do not admit late arrivals.

I can’t make class, how do I cancel?

Cancellations are easily managed via our website or the app. In your account; select your schedule then select cancel next to the class you no longer wish to attend. We do not accept cancellations via phone, email, text, DM or any other way except you cancelling your booking online or via the app.  Per our terms of service:  Late cancellations (within 2hrs of class start) result in a $15 fee per occurrence, charged to your card on file.  No shows result in a $29 fee per occurrence, charged to your card on file.

If I’m running late, can someone let me in to in-person class?

No. We lock the door when class begins and cannot admit late arrivals. Please plan accordingly;  in this situation your booking is considered a no show and is subject to our no-show policy.  We ask for your consideration to the members of class, who are likely settling in to opening meditation, to not knock on studio doors or windows to be admitted.

Gah!  I’m booked for class and thought I could make it, but I left too late and traffic is a mess and now I don’t think I’ll make it.

The late cancel penalty is half that of a no-show, so definitely pull over and manage your reservation from your phone (this is where the app is useful).

I’m joining from home, how do I set up my home-practice space if I’m joining online?

You’ll want a mat and a glass of water at the very least. We recommend clearing your space of clutter and potentially of distraction. If you have props; blocks or blankets you may also want to bring those but they are not required. We offer studio-quality prop kits for your home practice.

I’m joining from home, how do I receive Zoom access info?

30mins before class you’ll receive an email (& text if opted in) with zoom livestream info. Joining live; please arrive on-time as our team does not monitor for late arrivals. Joining later; after class registrants automatically receive email with personalized recording. When the recording no longer works; video has been added to our on-demand library.  

How do I receive access to the On-Demand library?

New Client Specials, and Premier & Flex memberships come with complimentary access to our On-Demand Library. New classes added weekly in a variety of classes to fit your mood. 

Group classes don’t fit my needs exactly, can I personalize my yoga experience with private instruction?

Yes! We specialize in weekly private sessions, where you’ll meet with the same instructor each week to work on goals tailored to you. This consistency is where we really see success in your yoga practice. We’re currently offering 30% off your first private session, find out more.

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