Fuck. …Which is yogic for Fuck.

Today. The plumbing in Twist’s bathroom is deeply clogged.  


Yesterday. I, Jen, spoke with 6 employees on the phone.  Half of them melted into puddles of tears on the floor.  

Also yesterday.  The first day of state mandatory mask requirements, for which state protocol directives from different state agencies contradict each other*.  

Predictably, here’s how it went: 

  • People A,B,C:  “I won’t be wearing a mask, I have a medical condition.”  
  • State:  “Nothing.” Which is the official published directive to the Q: What should I do if customers won’t wear a mask. 
  • People D,E,F: “if people A,B,C aren’t wearing masks, then why do I have to?”  -or- “Why TF aren’t people A,B,C please tell them to wear a mask.”

Aparently, people have strong feelings about masks.

Fuck.  …..Which is yogic for: Fuck.  

Since early March, we’ve stayed open every day online, doing our best to continue to serve you fully with as little disruption as possible. 

But we’re tired, y’all.  

We are the first and fastest studio to pivot and implement.  Each pivot feels wobbly but stable, for a week.  Or two.  

Then directives change. Again.  On a dime. 

Then, we pivot once more.

Twist’s current employees have been champs, even when things got uncomfortable or didn’t go their way: Adapting to change.  Willing to serve in any way they can.  Doing what we have to do to support the studio and our community with these lifesaving practices.

They’re unbelievable; the ones still on the payroll.

But yesterday I realized I must take care of our crew and prioritize the well being of our employees at Twist Yoga. 

So, beginning tomorrow, I’m streamling our schedule for a minimum of two weeks.

Some classes that had been hybrid (in studio while simultaneously livestreaming) will now be EITHER in-studio or streaming.  

Please please check the schedule and register for your classes before Monday, y’all?? Please don’t get mad at us when the schedule doesn’t look like you expected… I’m fighting for our team’s life here.

And please remember, there is a human on the other side of an email or DM.

We will re-evaluate in two weeks.  

Until then, we are still open to serve you with 19 livestreamed and 16 in studio classes per week, plus the 100+ classes stored in our on-demand video library @TwistYoga.TV.

Please check your account for visits: some classes you’ve registered for have been cancelled.

Reservations are a MUST for all classes, livestream and in-studio. Cancellation policies apply.

We know this is ALL hard. Thank you for your understanding.

From the state:

* Governor: “Masks required no matter what circumstances, unless you’re working alone or deaf.”


* State health department: “Mask exemption during indoor or outdoor exercise when social distancing of 6’ can be maintained.” 

Also, our mask policy. Wear your mask in common areas such as lobby, restrooms, in studio when you’re not on the mat. This is a non-negotiable; come on now… it’s not that hard. Assuming you have answered no to all COVID health screening questions upon entry and follow common-sense best practices, once on the mat and safely socially distanced at 6’+, individuals may follow the following directive if they choose to remove their mask:

Individuals may remove their face coverings when in public settings under the following circumstances: While engaged in indoor or outdoor exercise activities provided that a distance of at least six feet is maintained from non-household members. -statement by Washington Department of Health.