Fit body

  • We encourage our community to seek healthy life balance by practicing positive body image, enjoying nourishing food, and committing to daily, moderate exercise.
  • We use positive language.  We commit to body positivity and leading classes from a place of appreciation.
  • We speak of food as a positive source of nourishment and connection.
  • We understand addiction and the devastating effects it has on community: We commit to observing a no alcohol/drug policy in scheduling.

Calm Mind

  • We are inspired by the 8 Limbed path of yoga in its entirety, not simply asana
  • Our community welcomes all backgrounds, races, bodies, budgets, sexual orientations and individual expressions.
  • Our goal is to providing a safe, welcoming space, free from harassment (sexual and otherwise), overt flirtation, or sexist, racist, or prejudice feedback or remarks.

Community based:

  • We amplify our potential by supporting each other, being accessible and being in service.
  • We engage with our community, so members feel welcome, important and seen:
  • We speak positively when referring to students, teachers, other studios and communities.
  • We support instructors’ career paths and do not believe in non-compete clauses.  We eschew the idea of “owning” our instructors, who are free to teach where they please and promote all events that serve their livelihood.
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