Join us this spring for Twist’s biannual Ayurvedic cleanse!

Ayurveda is among the world’s most ancient & effective wellness traditions. This practice places strong emphasis on moving in alignment with nature, and aids us in transitioning smoothly from season to season – especially during the spring and fall. Seasonal cleansing allows us to press an internal reset button, to encourage optimal health throughout the duration of the year.

Your program begins with a Cleansing 101 Workshop on April 6, followed by a week-long supported cleanse from April 14-20.

Please note that seasonal cleanses offered at Twist will not involve fasting of any sort. The main goals of Ayurvedic cleansing are to a) give the digestive system a break through nourishing, easy to digest meals, and b) allow the body a chance to clear built up ama (which we will discuss deeper in Cleansing 101).

What to expect:

During Cleansing 101 workshop, we will discuss the mechanics of cleansing, including:

  • agni (digestive fire)
  • kapha dosha (the energetics of spring)
  • Ayurvedic cleansing versus other cleanses
  • safety
  • kitchari
  • group cleanse structure
  • pre and post cleanse planning and preparation

Participants will join a week-long group Ayurvedic cleanse. This will involve:

  • 2 days of pre-cleanse (simple meals, composed of whole foods)
  • 3 days of kitchari cleanse (3 meals of kitchari/day)
  • 2 days of post-cleanse (simple meals, composed of whole foods)

Exchange*:  $99/$124 (Premier Members/non members), if registered by Mar 15.  Add $25 after Mar 15.

*Tuition includes:

  • cleansing 101 workshop
  • kitchari kit (ingredients for 3 days worth of kitchari) + kitchari recipe and instructions
  • Facebook group support throughout the week of cleansing:  Cleanse leader, Melissa, will be answering questions on a daily basis
  • Online Q&A group meetup the day after cleansing (must be able to access Facebook)
  • Cost of food for pre/post cleanse is not included, as these parts of the cleanse will look different for everyone.

Cancellation policy:  Refunds available, less 15% processing fee, up to 14 days prior to workshop.  No refunds, transfers or account credits allowed after that time, including for late arrival  or failure to attend/complete workshop.

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