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Hi, it’s Jen. I live the holidays to the fullest…. with merry connection that surrounds delicious food and drink. Feel me?

Yoga philosophy has a word for this: kama, enjoyment as one of the Four Goals of Life.

But after a month of merry, I feel sluggish, unmotivated and usually have a case of holiday letdown/winter blues. If you feel this way too, how bout we ditch the typical Jan 1 toxic resolution culture?  Let’s instead reset your vitality with care, reflection and nourishment on a 3 Day Kitchari Mono-Diet.

This reset is a type of gentle cleanse designed to restore digestion and nourish through realistic exercise (no gym or boot camp required!), whole foods, balancing spices, warm beverages and daily self-care rituals. It is a healthier alternative to the diet-culture resolutions because it builds clarity, understanding, and self-love which can help connect you with your highest self in 2023.

Your program begins with a chef-led (hi that’s me!) cooking class and workshop, followed by a three day mono-diet.

During Rest & Digest workshop, we will discuss:

  • agni (digestive fire)
  • vata dosha (the energetics of the holidays and the new year)
  • Ayurvedic mono-diet versus other cleanses
  • Cooking class: Learn how to make kitchari (basic 3-day kitchari kit included)
  • Breakfast porridge & Kitchari recipes
  • Mono-diet structure
  • pre and post planning and preparation

Mono-diet programming:

  • 2 days of pre-mono diet (simple meals, release sugar  & alcohol and reduce caffeine and alcohol)
  • 3 days of kitchari mono-diet (Breakfast of Ayurvedic oatmeal, lunch/dinner kitchari)
  • 2 days of post-cleanse (simple meals, composed of whole foods)

Contraindications: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, recovering from illness, feeling weak or debilitated or experiencing immense emotional or physical distress, cleanses of any kind are not recommended. If you have any concerns, take prescription medication or have disease, please consult your physician before undergoing any cleanse.

This workshop is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  Mono-diets do not involve fasting or calorie deprivation of any sort. The main goals of Ayurvedic are to a) give the digestive system a break through nourishing, digestible meals, b) help your body’s innate ability to recover a healthy metabolism from years of fad-diets and calorie deprivation, and c) allow the body a chance to clear built up ama.

Exchange*:  $80/$100 (Premier Members/non members). Add $20 day of workshop.

*Tuition includes:

  • Workshop
  • kitchari kit (ingredients for 3 days worth of kitchari) + kitchari recipe and instructions
  • Online Q&A group meetup the day after cleansing
  • Cost of food for pre/post cleanse is not included, as these parts of the cleanse will look different for everyone.

Cancellation policy:  Refunds available, less 15% processing fee, up to 14 days prior to workshop.  No refunds, transfers or account credits allowed after that time, including for late arrival  or failure to attend/complete workshop.

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