As a teacher, maybe you’ve had the experience of having a pregnant student take your class.  You may have wondered how to best serve them as a student, and what was even safe to offer them. As yoga teachers, whether we prepare our classes in advance or teach to the group of students who walk into the studio, we have to always be thoughtful in how we are approaching the specific needs of our students.

And yet often, whether teachers know it or not, they lose students because of their inability to support them during their pregnancy and postpartum period.

With growing evidence of the health benefits of yoga for pregnant and postpartum students, more and more people are turning to yoga during this important time, yet very few teachers have any training in how to best support these students as they come to their classes. What pregnant students are looking for are teachers who have knowledge and training in how to best provide safe and supportive modifications based on the changes happening in the body during pregnancy.  And following their pregnancy, students continue to look to teachers for additional support. Many changes that happen during pregnancy continue to impact the body in the postpartum period, in addition to many new changes that begin once baby is born.

Through this 15-hour introduction to yoga for the pregnant and postpartum body you will learn the basics of how you can best support your students safely as a teacher. This training will teach you how to modify for your pregnant and postpartum students in class and give you the confidence to step in and sub prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. It’s also a great primer course if you are on the fence about deciding whether to become a certified pre/postnatal teacher.

This training isn’t limited to yoga teachers, this training is open to yoga practitioners planning to get pregnant or currently pregnant and to birth professionals of all backgrounds. This training will help teach you how to best support the changes to the body through an asana practice or how to best provide additional support to your pregnant clients.

This 3-day module will include the following:

  • An overview of the pregnant body including the anatomical, physical and emotional changes that a pregnant student may experience and how yoga can address these issues
  • Sequencing and poses that are safe during pregnancy
  • A brief introduction to labor and childbirth and the ways in which yoga can be a support during this time
  • An overview of the changes in the body postpartum and how yoga can address such issues
  • How to modify poses safely for pregnant and postpartum bodies
  • The opportunity to practice teaching and receive feedback


Friday: 11:05am – 4pm  (meets at Richmond Beach)

  • Opening Circle
  • The Physiology of the Pregnant Body
  • Common Discomforts & Changes in Pregnancy
  • Asana for the Pregnant Body
  • Sample Class

Saturday: 11:05am – 6pm  (meets at Downtown Edmonds)

  • Modifying Regular Yoga Classes for Pregnancy
  • Poses to Avoid and Ways to Modify them for Pregnancy
  • The Art of Teaching & Sequencing for Pregnant Students
  • Understanding the Changes to the Core through the Perinatal Period
  • Practice Teaching

Sunday: Noon – 4pm (meets at Downtown Edmonds)

  • Physiology of the Postpartum Body
  • Asana for the Postpartum Body
  • Practice Teaching
  • Closing Circle

Training Location:

  • Friday: Twist Yoga Richmond Beach 621 NW Richmond Beach Road.  Shoreline 98177
  • Saturday/Sunday: Twist Yoga Edmonds: 122 5th Avenue S, Edmonds, 98020

Tuition: $325 early registration by 11/22, $385 after.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds available, less a 15% administration fee, up to 14 days prior to workshop. No refunds or credits allowable after that time.

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