Some call it text neck or forward head jut, you call it a pain in the neck. For some, this is quite literal. Computers and phones are our way of life and the painful posture that they encourage doesn’t have to accompany modern living. 

In this workshop, you’ll gain:

  • Understanding of the relationship your head and gravity have on your neck and posture.
  • Learn about and condition your neck core. 
  • Recalibrate upper spine posture for less tension in your neck and integrated alignment overall.

I’ll get you noticing your neck, upper spine and head positioning then guide you through a practice to bolster awareness of your patterns and posture. You’ll take your learning off the mat and create a harmonious habit of good neck+head positioning for your next Zoom meeting and beyond.

Location: Downtown Edmonds

Reservations a must.  Doors open 15 minutes prior to event. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early and make sure to check in with the front desk to secure your spot.  

Enrollment limit: 19.

Exchange: $31 Premier Members/$39 non members, preregistered.  Add $10 day of workshop.

Cancellation policy: Refunds allowed, with a 15% service charge, up until 14 days prior to workshop.  After, no refunds or credits offered, including for failure to attend event.


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