Myofascial Release for yoga and wellness.

In this 15-hour CEU Level 1 Myofascial Release training, you will learn how to take better care of fascia!

Please note that this course has the same content as Myofascial Release Level 1 offered in September 2018.  We are updating the name of this course effective this fall because we are adding Myofascial Release Level 2 in October 2018 with additional, all new content to help you expand on what you learned in this course. Check it out!

What is fascia?

Fascia is the giant-living-knitting fabric that holds us together and is the body’s largest sensory organ! Its health is kind of a big deal.

So why are you just hearing about it? 

Until recently, fascia’s significance evaded Western science but we now know that myofascial release (the de-adhering, detoxifying and untangling of deep fascial tissues) effectively reduces pain, stress, recovery-time and the occurrence of injury while improving energy levels, well-being, posture, core-integration, anatomical understanding, proprioception and bolsters the immune, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, circulatory and nervous systems — to name a few!

In this hands-on course you will gain knowledge to help yourself and/or your students, friends and family:

  • Effectively Self-Massage to Reduce Pain, Tension and More!
  • Restore Range of Motion Post-Surgery or Injury
  • Prevent Injury on and off the Yoga Mat
  • Use Myofascial Release to Progress Toward Peak Yoga Poses and Athletic Endeavors
  • Feel better in Your Body!!!

Come ready to take-in stimulating lectures that will expand your anatomical and asana understanding, participate in an extended self-massage session (with grippy pliable Yoga Tune Up Balls) as well as a sweaty vinyasa and MFR practice and a highly informative and nurturing hatha and MFR practice (both asana classes will be taught for all levels).

*You don’t need to be a yoga teacher to participate! This training is open to all mind-body-spirit enthusiasts with at least 2 years of yoga experience and a foundational understanding of anatomy. Massage therapists, physical therapists, physical trainers, dancers, etc., join us!

Friday: 11:05am – 4pm

  • Vinyasa and Myofascial Release Master Class: Experience how a Vinyasana class can be enhanced with the use of YTU Balls
  • Let’s Talk About Fascia: Part 1 of our Interactive Lecture

Saturday: 11:05am – 6pm

  • Hatha and Myofascial Release Master Class: Experience how a Hatha class can be enhanced with the use of YTU Balls
  • Full Body Roll Out: Experience a full body self massage using Yoga Tune Up Balls
  • Unpacking the Yoga Tune Up Ball Tool Box: How to use YTU standards, alphas and coregeous balls and how to roll effectively on different surfaces
  • Practicum

Sunday: Noon – 4pm

Let’s Talks About Fascia: Part 2 of our Interactive Lecture
  • Practicum

Training Location: Twist Yoga, 122 5th Avenue S, Downtown Edmonds, 98020

Tuition: $295 if registered by April 6. $330 after.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds available, less a 15% administration fee, up to 14 days prior to workshop. No refunds or credits allowable after that time.

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