Myofascial Release for yoga and wellness.

Our Level Two 15-hour CEU Myofascial Release training builds on what you learned in Level One, providing you with additional experience and knowledge of the fascial lines and of Myofascial Release so that you can more confidently lead fascia-informed classes and events of any yoga style(s). In the process, we’re sure that you will make further discoveries about how to take better care of your (and your students’ or clients’) fascia!

In this inter-active and experiential course we will take a deep dive into:

  • Thomas W. Myers fascial lines, why they matter and how to see and work with them in yoga
  • Fascinating fascia facts
  • How to find and roll each body part with Yoga Tune Up® Balls multiple ways, and why one method might be preferred over another in various instances
  • How to teach any length or style of yoga class with Myofascial Release as a component (ie: Yin + MFR) and how MFR supports that particular style
  • How to lead fascia-informed yoga classes of various styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Nidra
  • How to use fascial lines to organize, simplify and theme yoga classes

Come ready to take-in short interactive lectures, workshop postures, play educational games, work with partners and larger groups, and co-create, lead and take fascia focussed yoga classes of various styles.

*This course is designed specifically for yoga teachers who have completed Myofascial Release Level 1

Friday: 11:05am – 4pm

  • Lecture and interactive learning

Saturday: 11:05am – 6pm

  • Pose Playshop: We will practice embodying the fascial lines through asana and refining our postures in light of our knowledge of how we are connected
  • Ball Playshop: We will explore various ways, whys and whens to make the best use of the full collection of Yoga Tune Up® balls
  • Hive Mind: We will work together to create fascia-focussed yoga classes (with and without Myofascial Release on YTU balls) of different styles, lengths and themes. Be prepared to do a little teaching and a little practicing of these classes.

Sunday: Noon – 4pm

  • Hive Mind (continued)
  • Stress Relief Master Class: Your work is done. Now lay back, relax and experience the benefits of what you are about to teach. Betsy will lead you through a MFR, Restorative and Pranayama experience to help you forget all about how hard you worked this weekend.

Training Location: Twist Yoga, 122 5th Avenue S, Downtown Edmonds, 98020

Tuition: $295 if registered by Oct 12. $330 after.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds available, less a 15% administration fee, up to 14 days prior to workshop. No refunds or credits allowable after that time.

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