Whether you are a teacher or a dedicated practitioner, you’ll get so much out of this workshop. Inversions, particularly shoulder stand and headstand are unique to yoga, and have significance beyond the physical.

Join Liz Doyle for a 10 hour workshop on inversions. We’ll focus primarily on the following inversions:

  • Shoulderstand
  • Headstand
  • Forearmstand
  • Handstand

Shoulderstand and Headstand:

These are the inversions most offered in group yoga classes. Interestingly, these two postures have specific anatomical considerations, and because of the pressure on the neck, it’s critical to understand what this means in our own body for safety. We’ll review how to do head + shoulder stand  step by step, how to adapt the postures to your specific anatomy, the safety concerns, and use of props.

You’ll learn how to modify head + shoulder stand, variations that work for most, and the counter postures that correspond to each pose.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, this workshop will give you critical insights for practicing (and teaching) head and shoulder stand as safely as possible.

Forearmstand and Handstand:

Yoga’s dirty little secret is that it’s not just techniques, there is a baseline strength and flexibility required for certain poses.

We’ll cover these poses together from three perspectives:




You’ll learn the step by step to these poses, so you have a clear path to mastering them, as well as the nuance of anatomy and technique that make them more consistent, steady and beautiful.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, this workshop will help you (and your students) get the most out of a handstand + forearm stand practice.

Option to join Liz for additional study this same weekend (May 1-2) in her Intelligent Sequencing (10 CEU) workshop.  Save $50 when you register for both! Regsiger for this workshop, then email jen@twistyogaedmonds.com for a discounted registry to Inversion Immersion.

photo credit: Tony Bynum

Training Schedule:

  • May 2, 2020 12:30-6:30pm (Saturday)
  • May 3, 2020 Noon-4pm (Sunday)

Required materials:

Recommended Reading:

Training Location: Twist Yoga Edmonds, 122 5th Avenue S, Downtown Edmonds, 98020

Tuition: $195 if registered by 4/22. $245 after.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds available, less a $30 administration fee, up to 14 days prior to workshop. No refunds, transfers of tuition to another event or account credits allowable after that time.  

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