The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali introduce us to the eight limbed path of yoga, where he presents the steps or guidelines to follow to live a meaningful life. Modern vinyasa yoga focuses heavily on the third limb: asana. Asana is a beautiful tool for physical awareness and awakening, but the depth of yoga is found in the union of the mind and body.

In this workshop you’ll learn the history of Patanjali and his eight limbs and how to use your asana practice to experience the other limbs. Specifically, learning how precise physical instruction can focus the mind (dharana), awaken a new level of consciousness (dhyana), and take you into a state of peace (samadhi). Most importantly, learn how to create this embodied practice for yourself: at home, in class, or anytime you step on to the mat.

Exchange:  $28 members/preregistered. $35/non members. Add $10 day of workshop.

Cancellation policy:  Refunds available, less 15% processing fee, up to 14 days prior to workshop.  No refunds, transfers or account credits allowed after that time, including for late arrival (doors locked at noon) or failure to attend/complete workshop.

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