The voice of the soul is the breath.

Join us for an evening of conscious breathing. Through the breath, you’ll experience the ability to harness your own life force and gain access to your body’s natural ability to restore itself, remove blocks, move energy and experience the power that lies within. 

In replenishing the body through vibrational healing, you’ll can relax the mind and allow yourself to ease into an altered state of consciousness.

What to expect: 

In this two hour workshop, you’ll be introduced to the Insight Breathing technique. We will discuss potential physical sensations you might experience during the practice, as well as possible states of euphoria that can be accessed, so that your subconscious can be more relaxed with a baseline of understanding as the experience unfolds. 

By practicing this 2-part pranayama while lying down, a meditative state of calm and relaxation can be achieved. It is a “cleaning out the basement” energetic experience, and some experience deep insights, emotions or releases of past traumas. Circles often include a sound healing component.

What to bring

Wear comfortable clothes and bring any extra props you like to have with you (blankets, bolster, pillow,) to make you more comfortable while lying down. We also recommend bringing a talisman or special object, water, a journal and a pen.

Reservations a must.  Doors open 15 minutes prior to event. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early and make sure to check in with the front desk to secure your spot.  

Location: Downtown Edmonds

Enrollment limit: 19.

Exchange: $36 Premier Members/$45 non members, preregistered.  Add $10 day of workshop.

Cancellation policy: Refunds allowed, with a 15% service charge, up until 14 days prior to workshop.  After, no refunds or credits offered, including for failure to attend event.



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