You have the power to shift your frequency, without a doubt.

Healing begins with the breath. With guided breath work, you’ll unlock your personal growth and transformation. In this simple, yet profound practice, you’ll learn consciously controlled breathing practices to use anytime to beneficially hack your mental, emotional or physical states. Benefits are many and often immediate. Some examples include:

Benefits for your Emotional Self

    • Reduce anxiety and depression
    • Boost happiness, self-worth, self-love
    • Cultivates cathartic emotional release of trauma
    • Breaks patterns of negative thinking, behavior and addictions

Benefits for your Physical Self

    • Increase Energy and focus
    • Alleviate physical pain
    • Improve sleep, immunity and digestion
    • Optimize body function and homeostasis
    • Releases patterns on holding, tension and stagnation

Benefits for your Spirit Self

    • Create spaciousness, clarity, presence, awareness
    • Access Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
    • Support Spiritual Awakening and Healing
    • Connect to Source and your Highest Self

What to expect

Sessions are 45 minutes and include gentle movements, breath, music, and sounds.  Breathwork is done primarily on your back, fully dressed. Wear whatever is comfortable. Some sessions are powerful and often profound. Some are not. Either way, sessions can be challenging in the beginning. It’s normal to feel unusual physical sensations such as tingling, dizziness, shivering, or cramping.

Location Edmonds

What to bring: Wear lip balm and comfortable clothes. Bring any extra props you like to have with you.

Reservations a must.  Doors open 15 minutes prior to event. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early and make sure to check in with the front desk to secure your spot.  

Enrollment limit: Intentionally limited to 10.

Exchange: $31 Premier Members/$39 non members.  Add $10 at the door, day of workshop.

Is Breathwork for Everyone?

Breathwork is for most people, most ages and most bodies.  If you’re uncertain if breath work is for you, consult your doctor.

For sure, Breathwork is not for people whose doctor has advised not to engage in this type of activity, or if you have health problems that could be exacerbated by this intense breathing practice. Before attempting breath work, consult your doctor.

Cancellation policy: Refunds allowed, with a 15% service charge, up until 14 days prior to workshop.  After, no refunds or credits offered, including for failure to attend event.

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