You don’t have to be a yogi to breathe like one!  Conscious yogic breathing can calm the body and mind supporting the spirit.  It can also prepare one for sleep that continues the restorative process through the night.  This class covers the basics of breathing techniques used in most Kundalini Yoga classes including how they help the body, mind and spirit.  Class will include the following:

*         Basics in breathing techniques promoting a calm mind and decreasing stress

*         A yogic breathing technique used for insomnia and promoting relaxation

*         Sampling of essential oils used for insomnia and relaxation & a centuries old application used at bedtime

Participants in this class will be able to practice completely in a sitting position in a chair or on the floor wearing comfortable clothing.

Exchange:  $40 if preregistered. $50 day of workshop.

Refund/Make up policies:  Tuition is refundable, less a 15% processing fee, up to 7 days prior to event.  Within 7 days, tuition is non refundable or non-transferrable.

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