We invite you to bloom again with Twist Yoga’s 30 Day Spring Challenge. You’ll re-commit to your practice, feel better and (re)create a healthy structure for yourself to remerge from these last couple years.

*** Grand prize: One month of unlimited yoga! ***

It’s free! You need only a current Twist Yoga membership.

The 30-Day Yoga Challenge.

It’s the nudge you need to return to prioritizing your well-being.

For 30 days in May, you choose how you mix and match a variety of classes – online, on-demand or in-studio.  Vigorous, gentle, restorative or yin.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for the Challenge.
  2. Make a commitment to yourself to practice regularly. You decide how many classes/week is realistic for you.
    • You’ll want to be challenged, but not so challenged that it increases anxiety.  Some will practice daily.  Some 2/3 times a week.
    • Download the app and pre-register for your month’s classes: You can even synch your calendar!
    • Once you create a schedule, make a commitment to yourself and stick with it.
  1. Just for fun (optional): Download our Challenge Calendar.  Every time you attend a class, you can give yourself a gold-star!   

Do I win anything for participating?

Aside for a sense of re-emergence  and feel-good benefits of a consistent yoga practice, you will:

  • Be entered to win the grand prize – A MONTH OF UNLIMITED YOGA!*
  • Receive daily love and community support via our Spring Challenge Instagram Group
  • Be entered to win a $25 retail gift certificate*
  • Receive boutique discounts:  Join us for 15 classes over the month, get 15% off any retail/sale item.  20 classes or more?  Get 20% off!

* See contest details

What if I can’t practice every day?

Perhaps you use the challenge to commit to keeping up with your practice. Or practicing slightly more than usual: if you normally attend 3 classes a week, make time to attend 5 days a week.  The idea is to encourage you to invest in yourself; there are plenty of ways to customize the challenge.

What are the dates again?

The 30-Day Yoga Challenge begins May 1 and ends May 30

*Contest details.  Participants eligible for prize drawing must meet the following requirements:  

  • Practice a minimum of 15 times during the 30 day challenge. You must register for your classes in our schedule.
  • (Optional) Follow @twistyoga on Instagram; we’ll add you to our Challenge Group. 
  • Post on about your experience at least 5 times on Instagram during the challenge. Use #TwistYogaSpringChallenge AND tag @twistyoga.  Doing so authorizes us to repost. 
  • Winner receives one month unlimited yoga!  Prize is valid for 60 days, has no cash value, must be used by winner and cannot be transferred or used for account credit.  

Aside from a chance to win a month of free yoga, why should I do it?

It takes 21-30 days to rewire your brain to create a new habit. This group practice intention is designed to help you create positive health habits that will dramatically improve the quality of your life. In just 30 days you’ll see some remarkable results, such as….

– improved overall health

– stress reduction

– increased flexibility

– better motivation

– better sleep

– clearer thinking

– reduced fatigue

– strength & commitment to yourself


Daily Themes:

May 1: Ground

May 2: Recognize

May 3: Awaken

May 4: Intention

May 5: Activate

May 6: Generate

May 7: Ignite

May 8: Heal

May 9: Inquire

May 10: Soften

May 11: Unearth

May 12: Nuture

May 13: Expand

May 14: Return

May 15: Organize

May 16: Savor

May 17: Stretch

May 18: Believe

May 19: Balance

May 20: Still

May 21: Release

May 22: Strong

May 23: Focus

May 24: Uplift

May 25: Unwind

May 26: Deliver

May 27: Integrate

May 28: Nourish

May 29: Honor

May 30: Commit

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