Don’t post this… please just don’t

Hoo boy. Am I the only one tired of hearing about this pending deadline to Crush It before the end of the decade and become the New You always wanted to be? 

Every day – like for the past three months – I scroll by some lame reminder:  “xx days until the New Decade…. “ –or- “xx days to finally achieve those goals you set 10 years ago!

If you ask me (please do), the number one most boring topic is the passage of time. “Gracious, can you believe it’s already mid-December?”  Uh, yes. Because when you’re an adult, time moves fast. How is everyone over the age of 25 not used to that yet? 

…. Oh hey, before we forget: you have 1 day remaining in 2020 to meditate with our remarkable Thursday night crew and our founder Jen (that’s me! 👋🏼 I’m just being all bougie and pretending to write this in the 3rd person… like I’m important enough that someone else writes my press releases).  It’s solstice week; it’ll be easier to meditate because the veil is thin…. You’ll Crush It!  Sign up here: see you at 530p in Edmonds.

Anyway, can we acknowledge this obnoxious New Year/New You garbage that makes us all itchy: 

  • Like a New Year isn’t enough pressure, now you’ve got the pressure of a new decade?
  • You do not need a New You. The old one is just fine. Not only is “new you” a lazy marketing ploy, it exploits insecurity and feelings of worthlessness to sell cheap self-help methods to you, who deserves better.
  • Who likes New Year’s?  It’s cold. It’s the beginning tax time and pretending we don’t notice our accountant’s reminders. 
  • Even after all these years, those of us bartenders and servers still have trauma from New Year’s Eve as amateur hour, mean drunks and bad tippers.
  • After Jan 1, leftover pie for breakfast is not as easy to come by.
  • We haven’t accomplished all our goals from the last year, let alone from 2010. Appreciate the 789threminder, tho.
  • ((( This! )))  Never underestimate the gift of not accomplishing the goals you thought you wanted.  You didn’t realize it then, but you dodged a bullet.  (Thank you, 2019).
  • If you skip the grand New Year’s gestures (which rarely stick anyway), and carry on with healthy, reasonable consistency, you realize one day you’re already Crushing It and have always been the New You without having to cross some arbitrary threshold.  

Thank you, community of Edmonds & Shoreline, for letting us be witness to your hero stories in 2019.  We’re here because of you.  

Last things:  

  1. Our schedule is modified during the holidays.  Our app is the easiest place to book and be in the know. 
  2. We’re open to serve you for one class on Christmas Day.  
  3. Let Liz help you usher in the new year. NO resolutions, no guilt, no shame… promise!  
  4. Two opportunities for Introduction to Yoga in January: Yoga 101 and Intro to Yoga, a 4-week series.