Class Cancellation Policy

Current Phase 2 classes are limited to customer mats set 17′ apart. To meet these guidelines, we are limited to 5 customers per class. Online reservations are a must.

If you are unable to attend your reservation, you must cancel your reservation online. Cancellations must be made via your MindBodyOnline account no later than FOUR HOURS prior to start of class (phone calls, emails and DMs are not accepted for cancellations).

If you cancel your reservation –or simply do not show up – within a 4-hour window of the start of class, in addition to a class deduction, you will be charged a No Show/Late Cancel Fee of $20 per occurrence.  Likewise, if we do not receive your cancellation because you cancelled by phone, voicemail, email, DM, social media comment or any other way other than cancelling online by removing yourself from the class roster, your will be subject to cancellation fees.