Why the Ladies of the Ladies’ Home Journal need yoga!

I was thumbing through Ladies’ Home Journal the other day*, not because I identify with their “Ladies’ Who Lunch from the 1950s” target market, but because I was waiting the requisite 30 minutes post allergy shot, and the only reading material available was a dog-eared and sticky issue from 2005. (Because why shouldn’t a doctor’s … Read More »

A big lesson about having enough

Hear ye readers:  “I, Jen Mitchell, do hereby ask that I be voluntary committed if I ever find myself, at 4:30 in the morning, bitch-slapping another person over the last remaining 42” flat screen a Black Friday Doorbuster’s Sale.”  Seriously.  Since when has shopping become a sport?  Between the foot race from the entrance to … Read More »

How a fly helped me realize my dharma.

During most of the month of October, a fly took up residence in the studio. This little guy’s presence was so consistent that we named him Seth, after Jeff Goldblum’s character in the 1986 cinematic masterpiece (not!) The Fly. Those who attended classes during those weeks can attest to the fly’s presence. In landing on … Read More »

When we become our mothers (!)

“Because I said so, that’s why.”  This I snapped at Claire the other morning, when, for the umpteenth time in five minutes, she asked, ‘but why can’t I wear my princess shoes to school?’ Even as the words spilled out of my mouth, I could feel myself cringe… for I swore I’d NEVER say these … Read More »