Hand me that selfie stick…. Announcing Twist Yoga Richmond Beach!

These days when I take a selfie, I’m often baffled at the person who I’ve captured.   Who is that middle-aged woman? What happened to the past two decades?? I simply am floored at how fast time is passing.  Ten years ago – ten years! –Twist Yoga in Downtown Edmonds opened.  The first few years were lean:  … Read More »

Alcohol as wellness: Why aren’t we doing better?

Several months ago, we at Twist Yoga received an email invitation to teach a community yoga class at a large local event. Our initial reaction was Yes!… until the event organizer clarified his vision:  Class would be held in the wine garden, tickets would include a drink before, and after, yoga. Ugh.  Hard pass. Alcohol, … Read More »

For the love of travel.

I’m waiting here solo at international departure lounge in Delhi with too much time on my hands, thinking of the transformational gift of travel. Visiting other countries – especially on yoga retreats, where we practice yoga daily and care for ourselves so deeply we receive the beauty of experiences in a profound way –  is … Read More »

My throat chakra is fucked.

“Hi. I’m Janet,” my roommate introduced herself in her heavy Midwestern accent. “But I prefer to be called Krishna.” Janet/Krishna, was one of my “dorm-mates” at a Sanskrit chanting retreat I attended several years ago. Rounding out our quad, bunk-bedded cabin of strangers were Willow and Sage. Willow was sensitive to scents, and announced such … Read More »

On Finding God.

This time of year, I experience a sacred quiet when I roll out my yoga mat. I’m better able feel God’s guidance, which time and time again, helps me to trust there are no accidents. It wasn’t always like this. Raised in a family where God was used as a weapon, I coped by identifying … Read More »

My sanity is LACK-ing this month

I’m having one of those truly overwhelming months of work. Twist Yoga launched our Shoreline location in September, and since then I’ve spent no less than 14 hours a day, every day, either on my laptop or on hold with various customer service situations. My brain is fried. Plus, my old lady eyes need reading … Read More »

I may have a teeny tiny control issue

After dropping my now sixth grader at her first day of school early this morning, I was making my way toward the studio along the sleepy streets of Lake Forest Park, when I came across an irrational woman walking her dog, screaming obscenities and maintaining she was being attacked. I saw it unfold: An awkward … Read More »

Alcohol: A Love Story.

A week ago I sat with a wonderful human over lunch. Our meal turned into a two-and-a-half hour conversation around living an inspired, soul-ignited type of life. We brushed up on our work, creativity, inspiration, our relationships, yoga. By far, though, addiction was the most resonant piece of our sweet, 2 person speakeasy. There is not … Read More »

The day I broke wide open.

I cried all day on day 5 of my most recent stay in India. All day. During morning practice, I bumped up against something that was hard. Really hard. Typically, I figure out a way to skirt things that are difficult – I modify; or avoid, or choose an easier path. In fact, I’ve made … Read More »

Yoga: Always the better option.

Last Wednesday evening* I was talking over the fence to my neighbor, collectively bemoaning the stressful weeks we had. My neighbor, let’s call her “Mari” (pronounced Mary), said to me, “Hey, we both need to relax and decompress:  how bout my husband and I come by tonight? We’ll bring a joint to smoke and we’ll catch up.” … Read More »