Yes, It’s True: Dog Doshas

Just today, eleven curious, intelligent yogis finished the first day of our Ayurveda Health Coach Program with Twist Yoga teacher-genius Kate Towell.  This thirst for knowledge of all things Ayurveda has revolutionized the way I live.  (Or aspire to, at least).  Once I began investigating this medical sister of yoga, I quickly realized the way I was … Read More »

Yoga: Always the better option.

Last Wednesday evening* I was talking over the fence to my neighbor, collectively bemoaning the stressful weeks we had. My neighbor, let’s call her “Mari” (pronounced Mary), said to me, “Hey, we both need to relax and decompress:  how bout my husband and I come by tonight? We’ll bring a joint to smoke and we’ll catch up.” … Read More »

Today hasn’t had nearly enough ‘Housewives’ in it.

April 24. Dear Diary: Today I went to the studio to teach my regular Sunday morning yoga class. It was one of those rare occasions when I really didn’t feel like teaching. It’s not that I don’t love teaching yoga or being in the presence of the sweet Sunday morning yogis; It’s just that laying … Read More »

Hello? The ’90s are calling and your flip phone is ready.

A week and a half ago, my dad – he’s 72 – upgraded his circa 2002 Motorola Razor flip phone to an iPhone 6S. Many of you are too young to remember flip phones, but those of us who do recall the maddening process of keying in full words. Those of you born after 1992: … Read More »

Your own ‘Dear John’ letter to that asshole Fear

There’s a member of my family –I’ll call him Jack – who, for as long as I remember, has been paralyzed with indecision… fearing making any decision lest it turn out to be the wrong one. For example, Jack has over-analyzed the options of three different roofing materials (metal, cedar shakes and asphalt, if it matters) since 1996, … Read More »

It scared me so badly, I almost sh*t myself*

Yesterday, I pulled up to a busy four-way stop where my view was obscured by a parked delivery truck.  Pulling forward into the crosswalk to assess whether or not it was safe to turn right, I neglected to see a pedestrian getting ready to cross the road, who subsequently slammed his fist down, hard, on … Read More »

Are you good enough?

Yesterday, 12 teacher trainees wrapped up their final weekend of in-studio training for Twist Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program.  It’s an understatement to say that Heather and I are beyond proud of every single trainee’s willingness to work hard, take a look at their own fears and risk vulnerability. It’s all too common –and … Read More »

A New York State of Mind

Last month, my daughter Claire and I took our first Girls’ Trip to New York City. We shopped, practiced at Jivamukti Yoga School, took in the sights, dined shoulder to shoulder with strangers (who soon became friends) in sidewalk cafes. And, of course, we took in a show. Admittedly, I cringed at the thought of … Read More »

Hilaria Baldwin Balancing It All vs. Me Balancing it All

A while back I was thumbing through an old issue of Yoga Journal, where I happened upon a spread entitled: “Hilaria Baldwin Balances it all with Yoga.” The article features Hilaria – the smart and talented sage yogini, who documents family life with her kids and famous husband, Alec Baldwin, in daily Instagram snaps. In … Read More »

Swimming in First World Problems

OK, I’ll admit it. Change freaks me out. Just the other day, the guy who mows our lawn every other Monday announced he was planning on switching to Tuesdays. Hold the phone! The predictable weekly schedule I had so carefully constructed for my family was in jeopardy: I’m at the studio on Tuesdays. What was … Read More »