Third Thursdays are Complimentary: Do Yoga. Do good.

Last month, a post went viral criticizing $11 billion Amazon for the absurd practice of asking customers to purchase product and then donate it to the Whole Foods charity drive. If it weren’t so maddening, it would’ve been hilarious. Twist Yoga is no Amazon (lol – we neither are disgustingly profitable nor do we benefit … Read More »

Don’t post this… please just don’t

Hoo boy. Am I the only one tired of hearing about this pending deadline to Crush It before the end of the decade and become the New You always wanted to be?  Every day – like for the past three months – I scroll by some lame reminder:  “xx days until the New Decade…. “ –or- “xx … Read More »

There’s something I’m on fire about

I *cannot* with these curated, full hair-and-makeup yoga professional photo shots captioned with yet another inspirational quote.    It’s a promotional photo, Karyn.  Why drag Rumi into it?   Also, you don’t look like that on the yoga mat.  Nobody looks like that on the yoga mat.  How’s this: Post a Saturday night braless facemask selfie in a badly-lit … Read More »

Happy 10th Birthday to us!

10 years ago today I opened the doors to Twist Yoga in Downtown Edmonds.   Back in 2009, social media was in it’s infancy; people trickled in mostly through word of mouth.  We opened in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Downtown Edmonds felt like a dustbowl… today it feels like a thriving small … Read More »

Becoming a student again

Six months ago, I made a colossal business mistake. Unrelated to Twist Yoga School, this mistake is the kind where ramifications are significant: it has/continues to cost me exponentially more money than I’ve ever lost, cost a professional relationship, and my sense of safety and trust. My health has suffered- I haven’t slept through the night … Read More »

Yay. *Yet another* reason why I’m unlikeable.

For the past few months, I’ve known I needed to make a change.   Fearing ramifications, though, I didn’t want to. Instead,  I carried losses for months.  With each loss and piece of unsettling feedback I received; with each time I started to initiate a hard conversation I needed to have but instead (for complicated reasons) avoided, my … Read More »

The trauma of being human.

A few of you who know me, know that my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was eight. I was an only child, and my father was an often absent work-a-holic, so I spent periods of my childhood caring for her, up until her death a decade later. I sat with her … Read More »

On being human.

I know, my life is totally  amazing…. …. on Instagram at least. This I responded, sassy-like, when someone at the studio mentioned she had seen my social media and wished she had the courage to do adventurous things.   My feed depicts curated snapshots of an entrepreneur, explorer and parent. A life that, from the outside anyway, … Read More »

Hand me that selfie stick…. Announcing Twist Yoga Richmond Beach!

These days when I take a selfie, I’m often baffled at the person who I’ve captured.   Who is that middle-aged woman? What happened to the past two decades?? I simply am floored at how fast time is passing.  Ten years ago – ten years! –Twist Yoga in Downtown Edmonds opened.  The first few years were lean:  … Read More »

What we believe: Our Pillars

Fit body We encourage our community to seek healthy life balance by practicing positive body image, enjoying nourishing food, and committing to daily, moderate exercise. We use positive language.  We commit to body positivity and leading classes from a place of appreciation. We speak of food as a positive source of nourishment and connection. We … Read More »