I’m bored. Let’s get create some trouble.

And here I thought I need to be able to paint. Or to throw cute pottery or spend hours with a sketchbook sitting in a corner at the Louvre.  To classify myself as A Creative, I mean. I am anything but one of those cool artist women who hangs macrame on my walls and wear … Read More »

I lived White Lotus in the ’90s.

Admittedly I’m late to the party (hello have you met me?), but between last night and this morning I binged White Lotus Season One in it’s entirety. I know people who are Meh about this show. I, however, consumed it like candy, simultaneously cringing and laughing out loud to the point of annoying both the dog … Read More »

It was the 2nd most humiliating moment of my childhood.

There’s a photo I recently unearthed from a drawer that was taken approximately a week before the second most humiliating moment of my childhood. My parents – who to my astonishment were complete Seventies’ Snacks btw – and I, are pictured at SeaTac on our way to visit our deeply religious, God-fearing family. These visits … Read More »

It’s about time I write that origin story.

Do you remember your first time?  The first time someone looked to you?   It was 2014; Twist Yoga was retreating in India.  I had been a leader on projects before, but yoga?  Nah.  I was the non-creative business person. I intentionally put other teachers between the eyes of clients and me, told myself I … Read More »

Let’s do yoga & ignore Black Friday emails together.

👉 MEMBERSHIP STEAL: SAVE $400 ON ONE YEAR OF UNLIMITED YOGA CLASSES. Regularly $1695; Sale price $1295. Click here to redeem. At checkout use promo code: Save$400 👉 30% OFF GIFT CARDS: LESS STUFF, MORE EXPERIENCES: $100 value gift card for $70. Limit 2 per client. 👉 RETAIL SALE 40% off for Twist Yoga members/20% … Read More »

Twist at Home: Livestream

We’re here for you, from studio to living room. Bring your favorite twist yoga practice home. 😍 Connect with friends in real-time livestream classes. 😍 👉 join us live: livestream classes will be held via zoom.  💻  if you’ve been living under a rock in 2020, download zoom onto your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone before class. … Read More »

Practicing in person? What to expect.

We’re thrilled to see friends join us in studio; these years have showed us the great importance yoga and our people. Prefer to practice online? We’ll see you there We continue to adapt to the recommendations of the CDC, Washington State Department of Health and King/Snohomish County guidance. Studio Procedures: Our improved policies to keep you … Read More »

Don’t post this… please just don’t

Hoo boy. Am I the only one tired of hearing about this pending deadline to Crush It before the end of the decade and become the New You always wanted to be?  Every day – like for the past three months – I scroll by some lame reminder:  “xx days until the New Decade…. “ –or- “xx … Read More »

There’s something I’m on fire about

I *cannot* with these curated, full hair-and-makeup yoga professional photo shots captioned with yet another inspirational quote.    It’s a promotional photo, Karyn.  Why drag Rumi into it?   Also, you don’t look like that on the yoga mat.  Nobody looks like that on the yoga mat.  How’s this: Post a Saturday night braless facemask selfie in a badly-lit … Read More »

Happy 10th Birthday to us!

10 years ago today I opened the doors to Twist Yoga in Downtown Edmonds.   Back in 2009, social media was in it’s infancy; people trickled in mostly through word of mouth.  We opened in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Downtown Edmonds felt like a dustbowl… today it feels like a thriving small … Read More »