Fuck. …Which is yogic for Fuck.

Today. The plumbing in Twist’s bathroom is deeply clogged.   Cool. Yesterday. I, Jen, spoke with 6 employees on the phone.  Half of them melted into puddles of tears on the floor.   Also yesterday.  The first day of state mandatory mask requirements, for which state protocol directives from different state agencies contradict each other*.   Predictably, here’s how it … Read More »

Phase 2: Edmonds is open! …What to expect.

Dear Community: We are thrilled to see you again; Edmonds is open!  This time has shown us all the great importance of this practice and the incomparable value of our loyal members & incredible team. You truly are something special; I am grateful for every one of you, and are looking forward to gathering in … Read More »

Class Cancellation Policy

Current Phase 2 classes are limited to customer mats set 17′ apart. To meet these guidelines, we are limited to 5 customers per class. Online reservations are a must. If you are unable to attend your reservation, you must cancel your reservation online. Cancellations must be made via your MindBodyOnline account no later than FOUR … Read More »

Aurora Village closure

It is with heaviness that Twist Yoga announces the permanent closure of our Aurora Village location.   We are heartbroken.  After several months of uncertainty, exploring every option, and experiencing all the feels from hope to fortitude to deep sorrow, we have arrived at the crossroads of a necessary closure.  Assuming Washington State’s Phase 3 happens … Read More »

Livestream: Frequently Asked Qs.

Do I need to register for classes? @TwistYoga.TV is a private, members only, account and we ask you register for classes.  Use Twist Yoga’s App or online schedule. Can I view LiveStream on my computer or TV? Yes! We currently stream through the Instagram App.  If you have an Apple TV or some other smart screen device, … Read More »

Practice Online: Livestream Tutorial

We stream new classes daily on our livestream @TwistYoga.TV , an Instagram account exclusive to our loyal monthly members! Perks of @twistyoga.tv: 👉Our schedule now includes more teachers and more daily classes. 👉Classes will now be saved to IGTV for unlimited access on your own schedule! How to Access: Send us a follow request @TwistYoga.TV on Instagram … Read More »

Stream with us online!

Beloved Community, It is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided the most responsible and caring thing to do right now is to move all services online and suspend in-studio classes beginning tomorrow, Monday, until at least until April 1. We’re still open! We realize that the practices we offer are a vital resource to … Read More »

Health policy

Published March 3 Dear beloved community, We are working with Snohomish County Health Department to establish precautions to keep the studio a safe environment.  As of March 3, what we’re doing: Sick team members are directed to stay home.  We’ve moved tissues to the restrooms to encourage hand washing after use.  Alcohol-based sanitizer spray is … Read More »

Third Thursdays are Complimentary: Do Yoga. Do good.

Last month, a post went viral criticizing $11 billion Amazon for the absurd practice of asking customers to purchase product and then donate it to the Whole Foods charity drive. If it weren’t so maddening, it would’ve been hilarious. Twist Yoga is no Amazon (lol – we neither are disgustingly profitable nor do we benefit … Read More »

Don’t post this… please just don’t

Hoo boy. Am I the only one tired of hearing about this pending deadline to Crush It before the end of the decade and become the New You always wanted to be?  Every day – like for the past three months – I scroll by some lame reminder:  “xx days until the New Decade…. “ –or- “xx … Read More »